In Kaliningrad abolished the direct election of the mayor

To lead the administration of Kaliningrad is the city Manager, selected through open competitive procedure. The corresponding law adopted on Thursday, November 24, Kaliningrad regional Duma, reports “Interfax”.

“The law stipulates that the direct election of the mayor of the regional center now will not. The mayor will choose from among the applicants participating in the open competition for the position of city Manager, who will be the head of the administration of the city district Kaliningrad”, — said the Agency in the regional Parliament.

According to the representative of regional Duma adopted the document will allow the current mayor of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk to participate in the competition for the position of city Manager in the fall of 2017, when he will end the current powers.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that deputies of legislative Assembly of Sevastopol adopted on second reading amendments to the city Charter, which establishes the direct election of the Governor. The mayor will be elected by popular vote for a term of five years. Elections are scheduled for September 10 of next year.

In Kaliningrad elected mayor led the city in the summer of 2012, when the deputies of the regional Council abolished the post of city Manager, who led the city administration. The position of city Manager has existed for four years, she was introduced on the initiative of the former Governor Georgy Boos.