Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza

Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza YEKATERINBURG, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza: the situation with this disease will become more in 2-3 weeks, told reporters the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Wednesday Popova held in Yekaterinburg meeting on HIV infection. Bolesnici “The flu is of concern to us because it deals including maximum economic damage. In the case of influenza also refers to the possible emergence of new strains. With regard to immunization in the Sverdlovsk region, here the situation is better than in other regions of the Ural Federal district”, — said Popov. In September the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova predicted that the peak incidence of influenza in Russia will be in January-February of 2017, while the number of human cases will begin to appear in November. Since August, the country began a campaign of vaccination against influenza.

Trump has advocated for the normalization of relations with Russia, but against the term “reboot”

Trump has advocated for the normalization of relations with Russia, but against the term “reboot” NEW YORK, November 23. /Offset. TASS Ivan sawyers/. Elected President of the United States Donald trump is configured to normalize relations between Washington and Moscow, but doesn’t want to use the term “reboot” to refer to this course. This Republican said at a meeting with journalists of the newspaper the New York Times. As writes the edition, trump declined to provide details of their held this month a telephone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Republican noted that it would be “good” if he and Putin get along, however, opposed the use of the word “reboot” to refer to the warming of relations between Washington and Moscow. “I would not use that term after what happened,” said trump. During the election campaign, the Republican has repeatedly said that made his rival in the fight

The speaker of St. Petersburg legislative Assembly called on attendees often wear heels

The interior of the Mariinsky Palace, which has a legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg The speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov has denied the information about ban to visit Mariinsky Palace in high heels. On Wednesday, November 23, reports “Interfax”. “Of course, walk in heels! In beautiful clothes as you are comfortable. You are young, dress in accordance with fashion, you look great in heels,” said he to the request of journalists to comment on the introduction of a dress code. The deputies did not intend to limit the visitors of the regional Parliament in the choice of clothing, especially of the fair sex, said Makarov. “I hope that most will see we have beautiful young girls in heels”, he added. On 11 November, the media reported about the introduction of a dress code for visitors to St. Petersburg legislative Assembly. In particular, they talked about

Belgian media reported the threat of terrorist attacks on the Christmas market in Brussels

Traditional Christmas fair “Winter fun” in Brussels, may be subject to terrorist attacks. On Wednesday, November 23, reports the newspaper La Derniere Heure, citing unnamed sources. It is noted that information about a possible threat from extremists arrived at the same time as the US state Department on 22 November, warned about the increased risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, especially during the holidays. At this statement, the American foreign Ministry stressed that the danger may come not only from extremist groups but from people who are “sympathetic to the militants.” In turn, the newspaper Le Soir, citing the statement of representatives of Ministry of internal Affairs reports that while there is evidence of real terrorist threats. Christmas fair in the Belgian capital, which will be held from 25 November to 1 January traditionally attracts more than 1.5 million people, notes TASS. The terrorist threat level in Belgium is maintained

Matvienko urged to develop patriotism as a national idea of Russia

Photo: © Press service of the Federation Council Russia does not need a top-down ideology and the national idea based on patriotism. This opinion was expressed in an interview with TASS the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. The Senator noted that “in any country in the course of history, a system of values,” moral authority, traditions that become part of people’s spiritual life. “She’s not coming down the power top, and is formed within the society”, – said Matvienko, adding that “the national idea, which is quite a lot and often say just what unites people, unites the society.” “And in this sense I agree with the President that today, this national idea is patriotism,” – said Matvienko. Patriotism, she said, “not politicized, it does not represent the interests of one or another party in one or other social stratum”, but “unites all who consider Russia their homeland”.

The Dalai Lama intends to visit the US to meet with trump

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso announced his desire to visit the United States of America to personally meet and chat with newly elected President Donald trump. The Buddhist leader added that he would meet with the billionaire, most likely, after his inauguration, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.   “I see the need to go to the USA to solve some problems, so I’m going to meet with the new President,” said the Dalai Lama.   While Tibetan mentor noted that he always considered America the greatest government, therefore, considers it appropriate to meet with the new head of the country.   The Dalai Lama also noted that during the election campaign, “the candidates have more freedom in expressing their thoughts,” and after the election have greater responsibility for their words. Photo: Alessandro Di Ciommo / Globallookpress

Tsunami wave height of 1 meter reached the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”

Tsunami wave height of 1 meter reached the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” Damage is not fixed. TOKYO, November 22. /Offset. TASS Alex Sarachev/. Tsunami wave height of one meter after a powerful earthquake of 7.4 magnitude has reached emergency Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”. This was announced by operator Tokyo Electric Power. According to her, the damage is not fixed. Exactly the same height the wave reached the neighbouring station “Fukushima-2”. Information on the occurrence there of emergency situations were reported. Today at 05:59 local time (23:59 GMT Monday) off the North-East of Fukushima Prefecture earthquake of a 7.4 magnitude. According to the National meteorological management of Japan, the epicenter of the disaster was to the East of this Prefecture, and the focus lies at a depth of 25 km under the ocean floor. The threat of a tsunami, the wave height can reach 3 meters. Video on social media

The public chamber has called the most sober regions of Russia

The public chamber has called the most sober regions of Russia Published rating of the most sober and troubled regions of the country. Chechen Republic, Ingushetia and Dagestan are recognized as the most lightweight subjects of the Russian Federation. In turn, the most problematic steel Magadan oblast, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and Komi Republic. The relevant data presented in the Public chamber. The document was created with the support of the Federal project “Sober Russia” and Expert-analytical center under the Public chamber. Read alsoIn Russia began to drink less “The national rating of the sobriety of subjects of the Russian Federation-2016” was created on the basis of data for last 2015. The list of indicators includes: total number of dead and died from alcohol poisoning of people; the number of patients registered with the diagnosis alcohol; number of crimes committed by people in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. In addition, they

Trump admitted that he liked Obama

Trump admitted that he liked Obama NEW YORK, November 23. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. The US President-elect Donald trump after meeting Barack Obama came to the conclusion that he likes the current U.S. leader. This Republican said Tuesday during a meeting with journalists of the newspaper the New York Times. “I didn’t know if he liked me. I thought, probably not,” said trump, speaking about the White house. However, “I really liked it,” admitted the President-elect. Video100 days of presidency: Donald trump will start an audit of heritage Obama According to the billionaire, until Obama meeting in Washington, which occurred a few days after trump’s victory in the elections, he was not familiar with the American leader. However, their first conversation went very well recognized businessman. “I had a great meeting with President Obama,” he said. During the election campaign trump has said that he believes Obama is the worst