Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza

Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza

YEKATERINBURG, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Russia is entering an epidemiological season of influenza: the situation with this disease will become more in 2-3 weeks, told reporters the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

Wednesday Popova held in Yekaterinburg meeting on HIV infection.


“The flu is of concern to us because it deals including maximum economic damage. In the case of influenza also refers to the possible emergence of new strains. With regard to immunization in the Sverdlovsk region, here the situation is better than in other regions of the Ural Federal district”, — said Popov.

In September the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova predicted that the peak incidence of influenza in Russia will be in January-February of 2017, while the number of human cases will begin to appear in November.

Since August, the country began a campaign of vaccination against influenza. The Ministry of health managed to reduce the price of this vaccine, so vaccinated, the number of Russians will grow by 8 million people compared to last year.

“We will reach a figure of about 48 million people,” — said Skvortsov.

Opinion expertone practice the risk of flu for each person increasingly depends on the health of the sick than from a specific strain of the virus. It should be remembered that although the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, the basic mechanism of infection – hand contact with door handles, handrails in public transport, on which the viruses have settled or passed from the hands of other people. The patient then touches his hands to my face and the infection enters the body. Therefore, during an epidemic of influenza is particularly important to thoroughly and regularly wash your hands, do not touch the face, and the sick – sneezing and coughing in the (clean!) handkerchief, and it is better (recommendation of the who!) in the elbow bent. You also need to know that the mask is almost unable to hold the virus particle to enter, her wearing it is recommended not healthy and the sick, to delay departing from the respiratory tract droplets. And finally, remember: no “peplomycin” not proven their effectiveness either in treatment or in the prevention of influenza.Eugene Paperairplane Health project Mail.Ru