In the United States have proposed to punish Turkey for the purchase of s-400

U.S. democratic Senator Ben Cardin has proposed to introduce sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (WRU) s-400 “Triumph”. It is reported by Politico. According to Cardin, signing the deal, Ankara is likely violated us law on restrictive measures against Russia, adopted in August of this year. “The law imposes sanctions on any person who holds a major deal with defense or intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation,” the Senator wrote in a letter addressed to the Secretary of state’s Rex Tillerson, and the head of the U.S. Treasury Steve Mnuchin. 13 September, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized Washington for reaction to the news of the purchase by Ankara of the Russian AAMS. “Some were angry from the contract that Turkey and Russia have concluded for the supply of systems s-400. What are we supposed to do? Turkey has taken and will continue to take

Police have identified the suspect in the attack on the London underground

British police have identified a man suspected of involvement in the attack in the London underground. About it reports Reuters. Calculate the attacker managed after viewing the recordings from the cameras. September 15 at station Parsons Green explosion. Eyewitnesses reported that the bomb detonated in a bucket left in the package in the train. The incident resulted in wounds, burns and damaged 22. Later on this same station was discovered a second explosive device that didn’t work. The investigation into the incident was requested the anti-terrorism police unit.

Poklonskaya revealed details of a meeting with the Teacher

Photo: RIA Novosti State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya told about his meeting with Director Alexei Uchitel after the appearance in the media, photos of them together. According to Poklonski, meeting with the Director took place on 12 June in the Kremlin on the occasion of the celebrations in honour of day of Russia. “Then the picture was taken by one of the guests, which is irrelevant to the journalists has. My question is, why does he our picture, he joked. Now I understand why. At that moment, he called himself paparazzi”, she said in conversation with The Deputy noted that the meeting with the Creator of the movie “Matilda” took place about half an hour. “He once again called me to look at the picture (“Matilda”. — RT), and I told him that I will not do that, because I have the conclusion of the examinations,” she said. As

“Quiet neighbors”: in Michigan, sell house by the cemetery

“Quiet neighbors”: in Michigan, sell house by the cemetery Resident of DeWitt (Michigan) Deborah Perrin decided to sell his house and asked the realtor Shane Broyles. Perrin warned the agent that the house there is a small nuance: it is across the street from the cemetery. However, Broyles is not confused. In addition to a Billboard for a real estate Agency, announcing the fact that the house is sold, the realtor added a sign “quiet neighbours”, pointing to the cemetery. During the download an error has occurred. Broyles is told that this is the first time for sale at home, he uses jokes. According to the realtor, he was inspired by a story he told the grandparents — they knew the man who lived near the cemetery. “He only knew one joke: “Well, at least I have quiet neighbors,” concluded the agent. Out if Broyles and Perrin to sell the

Lady Gaga was in the hospital with a sharp pain in the hip

Lady Gaga was in the hospital with a sharp pain in the hip American pop singer Lady Gaga canceled a concert in Rio de Janeiro, as was admitted to hospital because of severe pain in the hip. About this singer wrote on Twitter. “They put me in the hospital. It’s not just hip pain or fatigue from touring, this is a very sharp pain. I’m in good hands, follow me to the best doctors,” wrote Gaga. The singer asked fans to enter into her situation and promised that he would return to Rio de Janeiro when restored. Gaga was supposed to perform at the music festival Rock In Rio on Friday, September 15. In November 2016, the singer told that struggling with chronic hip pain with infrared saunas. In 2013, during her tour Gaga suffered a broken hip and was forced to postpone a surgery. After that, she started having

The conservation status of snow leopard changed from “endangered” to “vulnerable”

The conservation status of snow leopard changed from “endangered” to “vulnerable” The international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) announced a change in the protected status of the snow leopard (snow leopard) from “endangered” to “vulnerable.” The organization said that in some parts of the habitat of the snow leopard, the situation has improved (also thanks to anti-poaching), however, the species continues to decline and leopards are still threatened with extinction. According to recent years, will live from four to ten thousand snow leopards, reports the Associated Press. The species is considered endangered, if the wild live less than two and a half thousand adults, says the Agency. On 14 September the IUCN made a number of announcements — including recognized extinct one species of bats that lived on the Australian island of Christmas. The last known representative of the species disappeared in August, according to the message. IRBIS —

In the suburbs decreased the number of unemployed

The number of inhabitants of the Moscow region, recognized as unemployed has decreased by more than 20 percent since the beginning of this year. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Friday, September 15. “In January-August of 2017 with the assistance of the regional employment service were employed 47,4 thousand people, including 17.5 thousand of unemployed citizens. Since the beginning of the year recognized as unemployed 27,6 thousand people”, — said the first Deputy sampledelia the government of Moscow region Olga Zabralova. According to her, assistance in employment requested over 68 thousand people. In addition, people turned to experts for information on the situation on the labour market and professional orientation. “The level of registered unemployment in Moscow region amounted to 0.56 percent of the economically active population. (…) Moscow region retains a strong position among the most prosperous in the employment of subjects of Russia”,

Named date Brechalov in the head of the Udmurt Republic

Alexander Brechalov The inauguration of the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov (United Russia), won the early elections of the head of the region, will take place on 18 September in Izhevsk. It is reported RIA Novosti on Friday, September 15. In the ceremony which was held at the State Opera and ballet theatre of the Udmurt Republic named after P. I. Tchaikovsky,will take part the Plenipotentiary of the President of Russia in Volga Federal district (VFD) Mikhail Babich, the elected deputies of the state Council of the region, members of the government of Republic, heads of cities and districts, honorary citizens of Udmurt Republic. On 11 September it became known that the election Brechalov, the head of the Republic, which was held in a single voting day September 10, scored 78,16% of the votes. On election day, he promised that in case of his victory will be issued a residence

The liberal democratic party called on the telephone to equate terrorists to supporters real fighters

The liberal democratic party has called on parliamentary factions and law enforcement bodies to toughen the punishment for telephone terrorism. On Friday, September 15, RIA Novosti reported. “Let’s take measures to increase the liability for telephone terrorism, maybe even down to equating the accomplices of terrorists”, — said the Deputy Mikhail Degtyarev in his speech from the LDPR faction at the state Duma meeting. According to him, when working, special services, rescuers and engineers, the real terrorists can learn what you need to the attack information, for example the routes of evacuation. This week in Russia swept the next wave of anonymous calls about mining, as a result, were evacuated tens of thousands of people in four cities, including Moscow. In particular, in the capital evacuated 16 schools. Unknown reported about a bomb threat at the railway stations, office buildings, shopping malls and residential buildings. On 14 September it became

The militants have claimed responsibility for the attack in London

The militants have claimed responsibility for the attack in London Terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the bombing in the London underground, which occurred on Friday, September 15. About it reports Reuters, citing associated with militants, the Agency Amaq. Explosion on Parsons Green district line train. Fireball flew down the carriage and we just jumped out the open door. — Rigs (@RRigs) September 15, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. On Friday during rush hour at a subway station Parsons Green, located in West London, the explosion occurred. Eyewitnesses reported that the bomb detonated in a bucket left in the package in the train. The explosion injured 22 people. British authorities have stated that they consider the incident as a terrorist attack. The former head of the counterterrorism unit of the UK Ministry of defence, major-General Chip Chapman said that