Trump has banned entry to U.S. citizens of eight countries

Continued: Iran was considered as an insult ban on US entry for its citizens into the country The President of the United States Donald trump announced the expansion of national security measures, banning the entry of citizens of the eight States. His statement was published on the White house website. The restrictions will affect residents of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. Also, the President and the Minister of internal security came to the conclusion that, while Somalia as a whole meets the minimum requirements, there are some “special circumstances” for which the East African Republic will also be included in this list. Such a radical step, according to trump, caused by an inability to secure the selection of immigrants. It is expected that the ban on entry will help to prevent potential terrorists to sneak into the United States. On June 26, the U.S. Supreme court

North Korea said the actual Declaration of war by the US

Continued: the Pentagon has threatened a response to the provocations of North Korea The foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho said that the US President, Donald trump declared war on North Korea. About it reports Reuters. “Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have the full right to take countermeasures, including the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers, even if they are not in the airspace of our country,” warned the head of the North Korean foreign Ministry. He also added that “the whole world clearly needs to remember that the United States first declared war against” North Korea. Earlier, on September 23, Lee Yong Ho, speaking at a session of the UN General Assembly, said that North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons is a means of self-defense. “We have absolutely no intention to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against countries

The candidate for Chancellor of Germany supported the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions

Photo: © AP Photo / Markus Schreiber The candidate in chancellors of Germany from the “Left” Dietmar Bartsch called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia for four years. “I believe that in the next legislative period of the discussion whether to lift the sanctions will go more actively” — he said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Bartsch, in his words, “full of hope that the issue will be resolved during the next legislative period.” “It is a policy of the Left party and other parties want to end it, because this path is incorrect”, — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that the “Left” would be willing to support the initiative of other parties on the abolition of restrictions. The European Union imposed sanctions against Russia in the spring of 2014 in connection with the situation in Ukraine and in the Crimea, and since then regularly extended them. Moscow

In the US, said that Facebook had not believed in the attempts of Russia to influence through social networks to the polls

Photo: TASS NEW YORK, September 24. /TASS/. The American company Facebook, in spite of recent statements, 10 months ago believed the nonsense of the assumptions about Russian efforts using this social network to influence the outcome of last year’s elections in the United States. This detail was disclosed on Sunday in the broadcast of CNN, the co-chair of the ad hoc Committee on intelligence of the Senate mark Warner (Democrat from Virginia). He expressed satisfaction that the operator of the social network has changed its point of view on this issue. “I’m glad that Facebook has finally stepped forward. Ten months ago I started to raise this issue. And ten months ago, Facebook responded that all this madness, they say, there is no intervention of Russia”, — said the Senator, expressing regret that the leadership of the social network waited so long. According to Warner, he personally and his colleagues

The world is getting better, says the Dalai Lama

The world is getting better, says the Dalai Lama RIGA, September 25 — RIA Novosti, Olga Lipic. People are fed up with wars, violence, suffering and the world is getting better, and governments need to pay more attention to moral education and justice in the distribution of wealth, says the Dalai Lama. He said this during a dialogue with scholars and students of his teachings on Monday in Riga. “I believe that the world is getting better. Because of the suffering of the world wars people have become more Mature, they are already fed up with the violence. People today strive for peace, opposed to violence,” said the Dalai Lama. No war In his view, in the second half of the last century way of thinking in society has significantly changed. “If in the first half of the twentieth century citizens of different States was proud to participate in declared

The winner of “Eurovision-2017” was in intensive care

The winner of “Eurovision-2017” was in intensive care MOSCOW, September 25 — RIA Novosti. The health of the winner of the contest “Eurovision-2017”, the Portuguese singer of El Salvador Gathered deteriorated, the musician transferred to the intensive care unit and is the first in the list for a heart transplant, the newspaper Vanguardia, citing local media. Earlier in September, the 27-year-old musician due to heart problems was forced to tender his resignation from the stage and the cancellation of concerts. About a month ago watching the Gathered doctors advised him to take a break from her musical career to rest. According to local newspaper Correio da manhà Gathered was connected to a special machine that supports the heart. In this regard, the schedule of visits of a musician was limited to avoid large load. Earlier it was reported that during the participation in “Eurovision”, the Portuguese the last of the

The speaker was opposed to the idea to evaluate the effectiveness of MPs by likes

Vyacheslav Volodin To assess the quality of the work politicians should be real actions, not by the number of likes, they are gaining in social networks, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. His words leads TASS on Monday, September 25. “Take it and sort by likes, whether people enjoyed warm water in a small town — not a fact”, — said Volodin. He commented on the idea of the Deputy from the liberal democratic party, who proposed to consider in order to form opinions about the people’s representatives by likes on social media and not to spend large funds for the election campaign. The Chairman of the lower house of Parliament also noted that “politics is the actions and decisions”, the popularity of social networks does not guarantee that the person will well-to carry out their work. Social networks are a Russian policy. High popular accounts of the

Kadyrov said about the inevitability of Putin in Russia

Ramzan Kadyrov In Russia there is no alternative to Vladimir Putin in the presidential election in March 2018, said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. His words leads to “Interfax” on Monday, September 25. “We have one choice is Putin. (…) There is Putin — there is Russia”, — said Kadyrov. In his opinion, the only current head of state will be able “to lead the Russian people,” while the other candidates had not yet come. On 15 September, the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Natalia Poklonskaya, commenting on the proposal of the leader of the Monarchist party to support it in the upcoming presidential election, said that for her there is only one worthy contender for the highest state post — Putin. 4 Sep Ramzan Kadyrov said that he considers himself a loyal foot soldier for Putin. He stressed that “ready to execute orders of any

Members of the city Council of Omsk came to blows in the queue for “crusts”

The Deputy of Omsk city Council from the Communist party Ivan Ivchenko suffered as a result of a conflict with a colleague Vladimir Kazanina (“Communists of Russia”). He said this portal Monday, September 25. The incident occurred in the personnel Department of the Parliament, where the Communists came to take their documents to the Deputy’s identity. According to the representative of the Communist party, Kazanin tried to pass without turn. “Kazanin walked into the office without waiting in outerwear. When I reprimanded him for such inappropriate behavior, he got into a fight and scratched my face. He didn’t like my tone”, — he said. In turn, Kazanin insists that the fight was initiated by Ivchenko. According to him, the employee of the personnel Department allowed him to enter, but it did not suit his colleagues. “Ivchenko began to be rude to me and, picking up paper, rolled them into

Poroshenko signed a law on education reform

Poroshenko signed a law on education reform The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Monday signed the law of Ukraine “On education”, which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 5 September. This was reported on the official website of the Ukrainian leader. The adoption of the law will allow to carry out a thorough reform of education, which should improve the quality and competitiveness of the young generation on the labour market, the report said. According to Poroshenko, educational reform is key. “This is one of the main reforms for any other reform, the future of the country depends as educational” — he stressed. The law also specifies that the language of the educational process in educational institutions shall be the state language — Ukrainian. But one or more of the disciplines can be taught in two or more languages — Kazakh, English, other official languages of the European