In London 6 people were injured in the spraying of harmful substances

In London 6 people were injured in the spraying of harmful substances In the district shopping centre in East London, six people suffered from harmful substance, which is sprayed a group of men. This was reported in the London police, reports Reuters. As told in law enforcement bodies, the incident occurred near a shopping centre at Westfield. One man was arrested for causing bodily harm, said police. The incident, the police considers as a terrorist act. As informs Bi-Bi-si with reference to the police, the incident has exposed a cordon. BREAKING | 6 People injured following multiple acid attacks at #Stratford Station, London. A police manhunt is underway. — LEAVE.EU ?? (@LeaveEUOfficial) 23 Sep 2017 During the download an error has occurred. One of the witnesses told the TV station that a group of people to have a fight. Assistant Manager at Burger King, said one of the victims

The foreign Minister of the DPRK, in a speech to the UN called the attack on the United States is “inevitable”

The foreign Minister of the DPRK, in a speech to the UN called the attack on the United States is “inevitable” So in Pyongyang responded to the “insult” of the President of the United States Donald trump. Previously, he was named the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN “man-rocket” and threatened North Korea’s “complete destruction”. North Korean missiles aimed at the United States, their “visit” to the country “inevitable.” This was at the General debate of the UN General Assembly said the foreign Minister of North Korea ri Yong Ho, Reuters reports. So in Pyongyang responded to the words of US President Donald trump of DPRK leader Kim Jong’s No. 17 Sep trump in his Twitter called it “man-rocket” (the rocket man), and the speech at the UN two days later, the U.S. President said that “rocket man involved in a suicide mission for him and his people.” Such a

The US strategic bombers flew near the borders of the DPRK

The US strategic bombers flew near the borders of the DPRK Moscow. September 23. INTERFAX.RU — Several strategic U.S. bombers B-1B made the Saturday flight along the borders of North Korea, U.S. media reported, citing the Pentagon. Planes flying East of the DPRK, and, as noted in the Pentagon, “they moved to the North from the demilitarized zone, farther than ever in the XXI century”. “It was a demonstration of the willingness of the US and a reminder that a President has a lot of military options to eliminate any threats,” — said the American military. On Tuesday, the President of the United States Donald trump, speaking at the UN General Assembly, said he would “completely destroy” North Korea, if that country would pose a threat to America or its allies. In response, North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN on Friday issued a statement in which he promised to take “the

Near the borders of the DPRK, flew American bombers

The US air force bombers B-1B Lancer, followed by fighter, Saturday, September 23, flew in international airspace over the waters East of North Korea. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the Pentagon. The flight is carried out shortly before the speech of the foreign Minister of North Korea ri Yong Ho at the UN, took place at the area of the demilitarized zone separating North Korea from the South, and further North than ever in the XXI century, said the Pentagon. It is noted that thus was made “the demonstration of military capabilities available to the President Donald Trump”. “This mission is a demonstration of the determination of the US and a clear message that the President in the presence of many military options to defeat any threat,” — said the press Secretary of the Pentagon Dana white, calling the North Korean program of arms buildup “serious threat.”

The Turkish Parliament for a year extended the mandate for the deployment of military in Syria and Iraq

Turkey’s Parliament on Saturday, September 23, voted to extend by a year a mandate allowing the country’s Armed forces to conduct operations in Syria and Iraq. According to Reuters, the meeting was held before the planned for 25 September with the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Agency notes that Turkey has previously said it is ready to take security measures and to make necessary political and economic steps in response to the plebiscite. The representative of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s upcoming vote has been described as “a terrible mistake, which will lead to new crises in the region.” TASS reported with reference to Anadolu Agency said that the mandate allows the Turkish army to carry out military operations abroad (Syria and Iraq), and also allows you to stay in Turkey contingents and military bases allies of Ankara. Against the referendum on secession of Iraqi Kurdistan also stands

North Korea pledged to balance the forces of the US

Lee Yong-Ho North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons is a means of self-defense, said the foreign Minister of the DPRK ri Yong Ho, speaking at a session of the UN General Assembly. His words leads RIA Novosti. “Our ultimate goal is to create a balance with the United States,” — said the Minister. “We have absolutely no intention to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against countries that have not joined the military action by the US against the DPRK,” he said. Lee Yong-Ho called his country “a responsible state possessing nuclear weapons.” “We will take preventive measures, ruthless preventive action, if the US and their vassals, allies will only sign surgery for the elimination of our leader or a military attack on the country”, — he stressed. “Not yet true acts of international justice, the only workable philosophical principle that a force is necessary to respond to the

Foreign Ministry: Russia considers the steps in case of a possible delivery of weapons to Kiev, US

Photo: RIA Novosti Moscow calculates steps in case of possible supply of U.S. lethal weapons to Ukraine, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “Of course count,” said Zakharova in response to a question in the program “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1”. “For many, the concept of the Minsk agreements becomes something virtual, but in fact it is today’s reality. One way or another, but we must do everything to stick to this course”, — the diplomat added. Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the us Senate has approved the allocation of Kiev $ 500 million to support security and defence, and that the bill allegedly provides for the supply of Kiev “lethal weapons of a defensive nature”. Confirmation of this statement from official sources in the United States was not.

The US Ambassador has promised to keep visa program for Russia in the full volume

John Tefft The US does not intend to reduce visa program for Russia. The Ambassador of the USA in Russia John Tefft said in an interview published on Saturday, September 23, on the official channel of the Embassy in YouTube. “People sometimes ask whether the cancelled visa program USA. Definitely not. All programs will be continued. We continue all of our programs on the issue of immigration and non-immigration visas,” — said Tefft. He also noted that American diplomats interested in USA visit as many Russians as possible, and the Embassy is trying to increase its throughput. “We are working hard to rebuild the Embassy after reducing the number of our employees at the request of the Russian side to continue to perform the duties assigned us as diplomats”, — said the Ambassador. August 23 Washington has stopped issuing nonimmigrant visas throughout Russia. Such measures, the United States explained the

Sobchak responded to the criticism of Navalny and accused him of warlordism

Ksenia Sobchak Journalist Ksenia Sobchak on his page on Instagram posted a response to opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who has previously attacked her with criticism because of information in the media about her plans to participate in presidential elections. The presenter was outraged that a politician, with whom she is on friendly terms, did not call her to find out her stance on the upcoming elections, and decided to “feed some plums” that were made in order to “discredit” her and “”drown” on startup”. Sobchak also criticized Navalny for what he called its right-wing liberal views are cannibalistic and gave her the words and ideas that she never said or shared. According to the journalist, the most offensive to her was the fact that Navalny had previously convinced her to enter the Coordinating Council of the opposition, and now from his words that her place in show business. “This is