The Ministry of justice regrets that the ECHR did not listen to the arguments of Russia on the victims in Beslan

The building of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation Zhitnaya street © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS MOSCOW, September 19. /TASS/. The Ministry of justice regrets that the European court of human rights (ECHR) have not listened to the arguments of Russia on case on compensation for moral damage to the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan in September 2004. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry, responding to a query TASS. “The Ministry of justice regrets that the arguments of the authorities of the Russian Federation about necessity of reviewing the decision in the case “tagayeva and others V. Russia” (regarding the circumstances of capture of armed terrorists September 1, 2004 hostages at school No. 1 of Beslan in North Ossetia – approx. TASS) has not been received by the panel of the Grand chamber composed of the President of the ECHR and judges elected from Armenia,

The Israelis shot down an unidentified drone over the Golan heights

The Israeli military said the destruction of the drone that flew into the country’s airspace from Syria. It is reported by Haaretz on Tuesday, September 19. For the destruction of the aircraft was used interceptor missile complex Patriot American production. About membership of the drone is unknown. April 27, air defense intercepted Israel over the Golan heights aerial target that was moving from Syria. According to residents of the Israeli city of Safed, located in the North of the country, they witnessed the launch of two missiles air defense systems, Patriot and the flash in the night sky — the result of hitting the target. March 17 Israeli planes during the attack on targets in Syria were fired on by antiaircraft missiles. The Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems if they are used against aircraft.

In Germany will deal with the attempted attack old ladies with umbrella on Merkel

Angela Merkel German prosecutors are investigating a probable attack on the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is alleged to have committed an elderly woman with an umbrella during a campaign rally in the town of Torgau in Saxony. It is reported by the Sächsische Zeitung, citing the police. According to investigators, 63-year-old German sent the umbrella to the side of the head of the German government, when it came to the market square of the city. Bodyguard Merkel took this as an attempted attack. In the present investigation, the woman is suspected of attempted bodily harm. The very culprit of commotion all charges in his address denies, insisting that only wanted to put the flag on his umbrella. It is also noted that the woman at this point was at a distance of several meters from the Chancellor. Elections to the Bundestag will be held in Germany on September 24.

Peskov urged

Photo: RIA Novosti The essence of the Russian proposal on the placement of peacekeepers in the Donbass, it is important not to blur, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. “It was the initiative of President Putin, which was formulated in the draft resolution (UN security Council). It is important not to blur the essence of the Russian proposal,” — said the representative of the Kremlin. According to him, everything will depend on how constructive the position will be Ukraine and the USA. Peskov added that Putin has consistently pursued a policy of seeking settlement of the situation in the Donbass. Recall that the mission to the UN has written to the Secretary General and the President of the security Council international organizations on the draft resolution on the placement on the frontline in the Donbass peacekeepers to ensure the safety of members of Special monitoring mission of

Sands forwarded the question about the incident on the teachings

Photo: RIA Novosti MOSCOW, 19 Sep — RIA Novosti. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov referred to the defence Ministry a request to comment on the information that may have occurred in the exercises “West-2017” the incident in which a helicopter was allegedly hit with rockets by the audience. “This you still ask a question to the Ministry of defence, not to the presidential administration,” — said Peskov, when asked to comment on media reports that the exercises “West-2017” helicopter gunship fired a missile, fragments of which fell on the audience. Strategic exercises “West-2017” held 14-20 September on the territory of Belarus, as well as on three sites of the Russian Federation. The total number of the personnel participating in the exercises, is 12.7 thousand military personnel. At the same time on the territory of Belarus 10,2 involved thousands of people (from Belarus — about 7 thousand, from Russia

Trump has promised to create the most powerful army in history

Trump has promised to create the most powerful army in history Moscow. September 19. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. President Donald trump has pledged that his American army will be the most powerful in its history. “Soon our army will be the strongest in its entire history,” he said Tuesday, speaking at the UN General Assembly. Trump explained that this will be possible thanks to massive investment in the defense sector. Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Senate has supported a bill involving defense expenditures for fiscal year 2018 in the amount of almost $700 billion. Now the document will be considered in the house of representatives. The US President once again underlined that on the world stage would be primarily to protect the interests of their own country. “As President I will be, first and foremost, to think about the interests of America. Similarly, should care about their countries all

The mayor of Amsterdam has resigned. The last eight months he led the city with a diagnosis of “lung cancer in the terminal stage”

The mayor of Amsterdam has resigned. The last eight months he led the city with a diagnosis of “lung cancer in the terminal stage” Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan on September 18, resigned. He’s got back in January was diagnosed with lung cancer which cannot be cured, but he continued to govern the city. Eberhard van der Laan is one of the most popular mayors in the history of Amsterdam; his first interview after the announcement of diagnosis was seen almost a million people-more than the entire population of the capital of the Netherlands, excluding suburbs. Lawyer and politician Eberhard van der Laan became mayor of Amsterdam in 2010 after his predecessor job Cohen decided to lead the Dutch labor Party. Kohen in the capital of the Netherlands are not very fond of the softness. In particular, he was constantly recalled the phrase “take tea with their parents,”

Nightmare at a wedding: six women happened to be in the same dress

Nightmare at a wedding: six women happened to be in the same dress A resident of Sydney Debbie Speranza came for a friends wedding and found that this dress came five guests. Women were bridesmaids and did not arrange — they just bought the same outfit in the same store. During the download an error has occurred. Speranza recalls: “my cousin came to the reception, saw each other in the same dress and began to laugh. But then came another woman. And another one. And another”. According to her, the wedding was about 200 people. Speranza was not familiar with the remaining four women who came in the same dresses (three women guests were with the groom, three friends of the bride). Some of them was upset at first, but eventually everyone realized the fun of the moment. Women became friends and even hinted bridesmaids that are ready to replace

The number of hungry people in the TRANS miners increased to 50

The number of miners declared a hunger-strike from-for delays of payments in the settlement of Vershino-Darasunskiy (Zabaykalsky Krai), increased to 50 people. About it reports “Submedia” on Tuesday, September 19. One of the protesters was hospitalized from Assembly hall of the village administration with high blood pressure, said a participant Inna Babenko. Protest of laid-off employees of the gold mines began on Monday, September 18. They stated that with the reduction in July and August has not received payment of wages and compensation. “500 people were on the street without any means,” — quoted by the local portal Babenko. The Prosecutor’s office of Zabaykalsky Krai stated that the company-owner of the mine did not pay with 454 employees, fired from 24 July to 4 August. The exact amount of the debt to the miners in the Supervisory Agency did not name. “Management company UGC” (enters into group of companies “Yuzhuralzoloto”)