The Russian delegation asked the UNHRC to correctly identify the subjects of the Russian

GENEVA, 28 Sep. /TASS/. The Russian delegation participating in the session of the UN Council on human rights in Geneva demanded to disclose the subjects of the Russian Federation – Republic of Crimea and the Federal city of Sevastopol in accordance with their official name. Speaking Thursday at the meeting, the representative of the Russian delegation Dmitry Vorobiev drew attention to the “political engagement” prepared by the Office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR) report, which refers to “the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol (Ukraine)”.

In two kindergartens Sweden abolished the concept of “girl” and “boy”

In two kindergartens Sweden conducted an experiment in the destruction of traditional gender stereotypes, by abolishing the concept of “girl” and “boy”, as well as limiting the use of the relevant words. On Thursday, September 28, according to CNN. Companies Nicolaigarden and Egalia also took additional measures. For example, playgrounds are no separate areas for play with dolls or building castles: all toys are specially arranged so that the pupils were playing together regardless of gender and Hobbies. Teachers also try to call wards by name or use the gender-neutral pronoun “hen”. One of the educators gender-neutral kindergarten told the publication that, after analyzing the working methods of the teachers, the administration came to the conclusion that change is necessary, not only children, but also methods of work with them. According to her, teachers use different intonations when communicating with boys and girls. Furthermore, cocky boys are suffering while girls

The defense Ministry denied the capture of the Russian military by militants in Syria

The defense Ministry denied information about the death or capture of Russian servicemen in Syria by the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This information is not true, said the representative of the Russian airbase Hamim Thursday, September 28, reports TASS. “All members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic, alive, healthy and perform the tasks on purpose,” he said. The representative of base added that “no incidents of capture or loss of troops of the armed forces in the province of Deir ez-Zor and in other parts of Syria, was not.” Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Agency “Amak” controlled by ISIS, announced the death of one Russian soldier and the capture of two more in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. It was mentioned that Russians supposedly killed in the battles for the village of

Former commander of the VKS Bondarev has headed the Federation Council Committee on defense

Photo: RIA Novosti The Federation Council Committee on defense and security has chosen a new leader — he was a former commander of the aerospace forces (VKS) Russia Viktor Bondarev. The decision of the Committee approved by resolution at the first plenary session of the chamber. “At the Committee meeting agreed to elect the Chairman Bondarev Viktor Nikolaevich, the Hero of Russia, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the defense Committee Yevgeny Serebrennikov. — Propose to the Federation Council to approve the Committee’s decision”. Senators endorsed the choice of the members of the Committee. Bondarev delegated to the Federation Council on 19 September, as the representative of the Executive authority of the Kirov region on the basis of the decree of the Governor Igor Vasilyev, who was elected to the post in a single day of voting. Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev became the first Senator that the nomination took advantage

The Federation Council urged the UN and the EU to protect the rights of national minorities in Ukraine

Photo: RIA Novosti The Federation Council at the first meeting of the autumn session adopted a statement condemning the Ukrainian education act, and appeal to the international organizations to take measures to restore violated this law, the rights of national minorities. “Starting in 2020, the children of neuroinvasion families will not be able to receive education in native language”, — said in a statement. The senators believe that the full transfer of education in Ukraine in the state language contradicts the framework Convention for the protection of national minorities and the European Charter for regional or minority languages. “We urge the UN high Commissioner for human rights, the high Commissioner of OSCE on Affairs of national minorities, Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights, as well as parliaments of European countries and international parliamentary organizations to make an objective assessment of the anti-democratic law of Ukraine and protecting the rights

The head of Dagestan resigned

Photo: TASS The head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov has written a letter of resignation, according to RBC with reference to its sources. According to the newspaper, Abdulatipov was urgently summoned to the presidential administration to discuss the nomination of a successor. Also he was offered a number of posts. “It was unexpected for him, no one knew,” — said the publication source in the environment of abdulatipova. Yesterday, the staff of the office of the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov has denied an article of “Vedomosti” about his imminent resignation.

The American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with cancer

The American actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with cancer The doctors diagnosed actress breast cancer. NEW YORK, September 28. /TASS/. American actress, 11-time winner of the Emmy award Julia Louis-Dreyfus said that she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She stated this on Thursday on his Twitter page. Breast cancer is diagnosed every eight women. Today I became one of them. The good news is that I have the most wonderful family that supports and cares about me, and a fantastic medical insurance from the Union.Julia Louis-Dreyfus “The bad news is that not all women are so lucky, so let’s fight all types of cancer and make universal access to health services a reality,” she added. No further information about her current condition, the actress failed. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an American comedic actress, widely known for his roles in the television series “Seinfeld” (Seinfeld, 1989-1998) and “Vice-President” (Veep, 2012 — present). She

15 facts about the seas of Russia: a year-round ice, the shining water and the mammoths

15 facts about the seas of Russia: a year-round ice, the shining water and the mammoths What sea is fully owned by Russia? Where floats the most sharks? Why the Black sea was hospitable and where in the Laptev sea mammoths? The sea that shines At the end of summer on the Black sea, you can watch the unique natural phenomenon — the water glow a bright blue color. This is due to unicellular algae — notestoday that “light up” due to mechanical or chemical changes in water composition. The Sea Mammoth On Islands located in the Laptev sea in different periods was found a large quantity of bones and remains of mammoths. One of the latest discoveries dated 2013 year — Showscom on a Small island, was found a female 50 years of age. Scientists struck, in what form, the remains of the blood of a mammoth was Nesterovskaya.

The cause of the collapse in the Moscow subway turned out to be an unnoticed fire

The cause of the accident on the grey line of the Moscow metro, according to preliminary data, was a short circuit and fire on the Borovitsky electrotraction substations. About it “” has informed a source. Furthermore, the fire went out by itself, and experts called in connection with the traffic stop, found only his footprints. “The event reasons are established, has created a special Commission, which checks and substation and metro staff during the emergency,” — said our interlocutor. At the stations South of the segment Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line of Moscow subway has accumulated more than 30 thousand passengers, said a source in law enforcement bodies. Police and metro are doing everything to resolve the situation expeditiously. What the hell is happening 🙂 #subway #matamoska #Borovitskaya A post shared by marinkapanda (@marinkapanda) on Sep 28, 2017 at 10:06am PDT In this case, our interviewee said that at all other stations the