15 facts about the seas of Russia: a year-round ice, the shining water and the mammoths

15 facts about the seas of Russia: a year-round ice, the shining water and the mammoths

What sea is fully owned by Russia? Where floats the most sharks? Why the Black sea was hospitable and where in the Laptev sea mammoths?

The sea that shines

At the end of summer on the Black sea, you can watch the unique natural phenomenon — the water glow a bright blue color. This is due to unicellular algae — notestoday that “light up” due to mechanical or chemical changes in water composition.

The Sea Mammoth

On Islands located in the Laptev sea in different periods was found a large quantity of bones and remains of mammoths. One of the latest discoveries dated 2013 year — Showscom on a Small island, was found a female 50 years of age.

Scientists struck, in what form, the remains of the blood of a mammoth was Nesterovskaya. Then genetics all over the world talking about the possibility of cloning extinct animals.

The sea, which is called the Russian

The ancient Scandinavians called the White sea Gandvik, and this option one time even mentioned on the maps. Everything changed after the trade travelers from different countries began to use the Russian word for “White” and subsequently translated it into their languages. Peter Palacios was the first who caused this name on the map of the world in 1592.

A sea of dead depths

Due to the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide at the bottom of the Black sea can only live a few species of bacteria are able to survive in such conditions. The main fauna is concentrated at a depth of 150-200 meters from the surface: dangerous sea dragon, skorpena and SKAT-hvostatom with poisonous spines, as well as dolphins, seals and even a shark — Katran.15 facts about the seas of Russia: year-round ice, the shining water and the mammoths.

Sea black caviar

Before the introduction of the official ban on fishing of sturgeon in Russia and the other Caspian States, the Caspian sea was extracted 90% of black caviar around the world. The ban is associated with a decrease in the number and danger of extinction of fish.

However, caviar can be completely legal by — products obtained in specialized fish farms, is freely sold in stores.