Roan handed “Hello black sea”, Kiev and Berlin, dissatisfied with the status of Crimea and elections

SEBASTOPOL, September 10. /TASS/. “The people’s mayor of Sevastopol” during the “Russian spring”, the former speaker and current member of the legislative Assembly of the city Alexey Chaly gave “black sea hi,” the foreign Ministry of Ukraine and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and wishes to do more important for their countries Affairs. He was commenting on the TASS Kiev protests about the elections in the Crimea and Merkel’s statements about the status of the Peninsula.

Russia ended a single day of voting

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS TASS, September 10. A single day of voting, which took place in Russia, 5.8 thousand of election campaigns of regional and municipal levels, was completed. Latest at 22:00 GMT, closed polling stations in Karelia and the Kaliningrad region, whose residents 10 Sep elected the heads of their regions. Outside The standard term of work of polling stations in Russia is the period from 08:00 to 20:00 local time. So traditionally, the elections end at 21:00 GMT on the closing of polls in the westernmost region of Russia – Kaliningrad region.

McGregor sued for throwing energy

American William Pegg, working as a security guard, sued the Irish fighter of the mixed style Conor McGregor, who was in his aluminum cans with energy drink. On Sunday, September 10, reports The Blast. The incident occurred on 17 August 2016 during a conference before the UFC 202. American Nate Diaz, which three days later McGregor had a fight and threw the Irishman a bottle of water, in response to this McGregor gathered at their table banks with energy and began to throw them at Diaz and his team. One of the cans hit in the head guard. The treatment he had to spend five thousand dollars. In addition, it requires with McGregor 90 thousand dollars. In a fight that took place in the Welterweight weight class, McGregor beat Diaz. According to their results two out of three judges gave the victory to the Irishman, one recorded a draw. According

Russian gas predicted eternal dominance on the European market

The Secretary General of the Forum of gas exporting countries forum Mohammad Hossein Adeli has said that the liquefied gas supplied to Europe from the United States will not be able to replace European consumers of blue fuel from Russia. He told about it in interview to the newspaper Handelsblatt on Sunday, September 10, reports TASS. “I don’t understand the skepticism in the European Union relative to the “Nord stream-2″. Europe will continue to need Russian gas. US influence on the European gas market is still very small. And the United States, due to the limited export potential, will never be able to replace gas supplies to Europe from Russia,” he said. On 7 August, the Agency S&P said that due to the introduction of United States ‘ new anti-Russian sanctions on the European gas market is growing uncertainty. “If the sanctions will lead to significant delays in the construction

McCain spoke about the chances to be cured from brain cancer

McCain spoke about the chances to be cured from brain cancer American Republican Senator John McCain said that he could not describe in the “pinks” of his illness. About it suffering from an aggressive form of brain cancer said in an interview with CNN. The Senator added that on Monday, August 11, he will receive the results of another survey, however, he is full of optimism. McCain said that gets the best treatment possible. July 19, U.S. media reported that 80-year-old McCain removed a blood clot above his left eye. The tissue analysis conducted after this procedure, showed that it is a glioblastoma — the most aggressive form of brain cancer.

Passports offered to put a note on the elections

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova believes that the passports of the Russians should put a mark about participation in elections in order to avoid double voting and fraud. About it reports TASS. Speaking at the information center of the CEC, she said that the Ombudsman’s office reported in a possible vote of one person to several sites. “Again, the question arises about the use of international experience and introduction of a system that would preclude the possibility of a person to vote on two sites. It can be an introduction page in the passport,” said Moskalkova. “This is a very important point, we don’t have abuses,” — said the Ombudsman.

In Karelia, decided leader vote

Arthur Parfenchikov Acting head of Karelia Arthur Parfenchikov (“United Russia”) gains 61,98% after processing of 1.71 percent of protocols of precinct election commissions on elections of the head of the region, RIA Novosti reported. Currently in second place is the candidate of the party “Fair Russia” Irina Petelava (17.21%), the third — the representative of the Communist party Eugene Ulyanov 10.2 percent of the vote, in fourth place — the representative of LDPR Evgenie the besední from 7.34 percent of the vote. Elections of various levels took place on Sunday in 82 of the 85 regions of Russia. The exception was St. Petersburg, Ingushetia, and Magadan oblast. In the Kingisepp and Bryansk single-mandate constituencies held by-elections to the state Duma, in 16 regions, the inhabitants elected the heads of the subjects, and six members of the legislative Assembly. In total during the 5.8 thousand of election campaigns of regional and

Denied information about stuffing in the Penza region

Information about ballot stuffing in the election to the legislative Assembly of the Penza region is not confirmed, said RIA Novostirussian of the regional election Committee Alexander Sinyukov. Thus, the information that the observers from the Communist party in Penza in the polling station at school number 8 was recorded attempt of ballot stuffing, are false. “The election Commission of the Penza region did not confirm any stuffing and violations of the law. Moreover, on this issue no oral or written appeal to the election Commission of the Penza region was not. This information is unreliable and not based on any evidence,” — said the source Agency. According to him, during the day the regional election Committee has received three written complaints. “They considered and the facts are not confirmed,” he said, noting that one complaint the case was submitted for consideration to law enforcement agencies. Sinyukov added that “with

Hurricane “Irma” struck Florida

Hurricane “Irma” struck Florida The hurricane made up of Marco island near the southwestern coast of the state and moves northward with a speed of 19 kilometers per hour. Soon he will fall on the city of St. Petersburg. MOSCOW, 10 sen — news. Hurricane “Irma” hit on Marco island near the South-West coast of the U.S. state of Florida. This was reported by the national meteorological center of the USA. The hurricane reached the island at 15.35 local time (22.35 GMT) and moving North at a speed of 19 kilometers per hour. According to forecasters, in the coming hours the hurricane, which again increased to the fourth category, fall the city of Saint Petersburg (Saint Petersburg). After that, “Irma” will be heading North, toward the state capital city of Tallahassee. By this time the hurricane will weaken to the third level of danger from five possible. According to the