Shoigu urged the Red cross to increase humanitarian aid to Syria

Photo: RIA Novosti The international Committee of the red cross needs to increase the volume of humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria, said the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu in the appeal to the head of the Committee Peter Maurer. “Sergei Shoigu urged the ICRC to urgently increase humanitarian assistance to actively participate in the reconstruction of destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, infrastructure and to make all efforts to fully support the Syrian people”, — stated in the message of military Department. According to the Russian Minister, urgent measures to provide humanitarian aid contribute to the return of Syrian refugees to their homes.

The leaders at the elections of the governors of the Saratov and Perm regions

Maxim Reshetnikov Candidates from United Russia in the lead on elections of governors of the Saratov region and Perm region. About it reports “Interfax”. According to the first data “counters” in the information center of the CEC, the results of treatment with 0.05% protocols on elections of the Governor of the Saratov region leader, Valery Radayev (“United Russia)” 72,16% of the votes. In second place — the candidate from the Communist party Olga Alimov from 18.13 percent. On elections of the head of the Perm region after treatment of 0.16 percent of the protocols, the leader Maxim Reshetnikov (“United Russia”) of 86.98% of the votes. In second place was the candidate from the Communist party Irina Filatova from 2.86 percent of the vote. Sep 10, in Russia passes uniform day of voting. Direct elections of heads of subjects are, in particular, in the Mari El Republic, Karelia, Mordovia, Belgorod, Kaliningrad,

The CEC revealed the main claims of citizens to the election

Secretary of the Central electoral Commission of Maya Grishin has declared, that on Sunday the hotline of the CEC received 179 reports of electoral violations, reports “Interfax”. In total, according to Grishina, reference information center of the CEC received 1284 posts (as of 18:00), 66% of them are associated with obtaining information on the procedure of voting. On violations reported 179 people, or 14 percent of the total number of cases. Materials on теме12:43 — Todayis the Day of wyborow Russia passes uniform day of voting The CEC Secretary noted that he complained mainly to the shortcomings of informing and campaigning. 187 written complaints received regarding day of silence preceding the election. Some candidates, despite the ban on campaigning on the eve of the vote, placed their leaflets. Earlier, the CEC head Ella Pamfilova in the online-marathon “election Night” said it will be tough on fraud and publicize the fact

In Moscow began the counting of the votes

Precinct election commissions of the Moscow region started counting votes. About it reports “Interfax” on Sunday, September 10. “All polling stations closed at 20:00 [on city time]. The votes are counted,” — said the representative of Moscow regional election Commission, adding that no emergency situation was not. Worked in Moscow foreign observers praised the organization of the elections, said the head of regional election Commission Irina Konovalova. “I was very surprised that the voters of the Moscow region trust the complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA), they have the voters believe only paper” — leads her words RIA Novosti. Earlier on Sunday impressions about the organization of the single day of voting in the Moscow region shared by the member of the European Parliament andré Elissen. He noted that “pleasantly surprised to find that she had already seen”. According to the information of 18:00 Moscow time, the turnout in the

Hurricane “Irma” left without light more than a million Florida residents

Hurricane “Irma” left without light more than a million Florida residents Some coastal areas were flooded. Moscow. September 10. INTERFAX.RU a Critical situation may occur on the West coast of Florida with the arrival of the hurricane “Irma”, said on Sunday in American television the Governor of the state Rick Scott. “I am very concerned about what’s happening on the West coast of the state, which was hit by hurricane “Irma” ” he said. INSANE: @JustonStrmRider tests the wind speed in the eyewall of #Irma #HurrcaneIrma — Devin Sena (@DevinSenaUI) September 10, 2017. During the download an error has occurred. According to him, “this storm is deadly”. A number of coastal areas flooded, more than 1 million people remained without electricity. Reported three victims — they were victims of a car accident. And we woke up like this: #HurrcaneIrma #miami #irma — Madu ∂( fєχ ॐ (@ladefex) September

Named the most active voters in Russia

Named the most active voters in Russia Voters in Mordovia, were the most active in single voting day in Russia, reports RIA Novosti. As of 15:00 Moscow time on elections of the head of region have voted more than 55 percent of voters. “The highest turnout — 75 percent — was in Atyashevskiy and Kochkurovskiy areas, lowest in the Ruzaevskiy district, where on the hour voted 39.2 percent of voters”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Republican Central election Commission Nina chudaeva. In other regions the figures below, as in Moscow, according to the same time, the turnout amounted to about 8.5 percent. In the single voting day, September 10, elections are held almost in all regions, except Ingushetia, Magadan oblast and St. Petersburg. In 16 subjects chosen by the governors, six other members of the regional parliaments. Only Sunday is 5.8 thousand elections of different levels, the number

At the Ukrainian border clashes started between Saakashvili’s supporters and security forces

At the Ukrainian border clashes started between Saakashvili’s supporters and security forces At the checkpoint “shehyni” on the border of Ukraine with Poland clashes broke out between supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili and Ukrainian security forces. About it from a place of events the correspondent of RIA Novosti. The associates of the former Governor of the Odessa region managed to break through the cordon at the checkpoint. Since then, Saakashvili on foot surrounded by his supporters held on the territory of Ukraine. Policies the bus smoothly passed the Polish checkpoint “Medyka”, but before “shehyni” the path was blocked by Ukrainian security forces. “We have special forces in the equipment of the Soviet Union, with shields. Gave the order, completely closed the checkpoint for all and we intend to keep away,” — said Saakashvili. Earlier September 10, the politician in the Polish przemyśl (przemyśl) got on the train “intercity”, which went to

Expert: turnout at elections in the Russian Federation correspond to average regional values

Expert: turnout at elections in the Russian Federation correspond to average regional values The head of the Russian public Institute of electoral law Igor Borisov pointed out that in the election campaign on turnout “any striking deviations not seen.” MOSCOW, September 10. /TASS/. The turnout in the elections of different levels in a single day of voting correspond to average regional values. This opinion was expressed on Sunday, TASS politicians. “These elections confirmed by all prevailing in recent years, trends in turnout,” said TASS President of the consulting Agency Bakster group Dmitry Gusev. He noted that “there are regions where traditionally a high turnout, is where low.” “This turnout is consistent with the average regional values. In the Sverdlovsk region even a little higher. No surprises not yet discovered,” — said Gusev.

Experts: elections in Crimea is an internal affair of Russia

A single day of voting in Sevastopol © Sergey Maligawa/TASS SEBASTOPOL, September 10. /TASS/. Elections in Sevastopol, where on Sunday the first popularly elected Governor, and in the Crimea is an internal affair of Russia. Ukraine, expressing protest in connection with their conduct, should deal with its internal processes, according to respondents TASS representatives of the authorities and a DePuy corps of the Peninsula. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with carrying out in the Republic of Crimea municipal elections, by-elections of deputies of the state Council and the first elections of the head of Sevastopol. Ukrainian politicians want to save their money “Once again, Ukraine is trying to influence the electoral and political processes taking place in a completely different country, said TASS, the Chairman of the state Committee of Crimea for inter-ethnic relations Zaur Smirnov. We again emphasize that Ukraine is