Lavrov believes Tillerson about Russian intervention in the American elections

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov © Alexander Shcherbak/TASS UN, September 22. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said he did not believe the words of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has evidence of RF interference in American elections. About this Lavrov said Friday on a press-conferences following the results of participation in the week’s high-level session of the UN General Assembly. “When I asked Rex Tillerson, you can confirm his words that Russia’s intervention in elections is well documented, he said, “I can’t show you because it’s classified information,” – said the Russian Minister. You know, I can’t believe this”.

American teacher is squandered in the casino 30 thousand dollars from the school budget

Lydia Christine Johnson In the U.S. state of Michigan teacher spent in one of the casinos of Detroit more than 30 thousand dollars, designed for the needs of the school. Reported by the New York Post. In particular, spent 29-year-old Lydia Christine Johnson 19 thousand dollars were collected to prom, still 12.5 million were to go on tour. It is noted that all given their money the woman lost in vending machines more than 90 thousand dollars. Now teacher charged with misappropriation and embezzlement of property. The next hearing will take place on 5 October. In case the fault of the teacher is proved, to it threatens till 10 years of prison. 21 September it became known that a former secondary-school teacher in the us state of Arkansas was accused of sexual abuse of minors. Police suspect that from January to April 2016, 25-year-old Lauren Golin was in intimate relationships

Trump has called Kim Jong-UN crazy

Donald Trump The President of the United States Donald trump believes that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN out of his mind. About this he wrote on Twitter on Friday, September 22. “North Korea’s Kim Jong-UN, obviously, a madman who is completely comfortable with the hunger and the murder of its own people,” — said in a tweet trump. The President added that the leader of North Korea will face “unprecedented difficulties”. Earlier on September 22, Kim Jong-UN considered it trump from the podium of the UN General Assembly about the possibility of complete destruction of North Korea declaring war on North Korea. The day before the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee Yong-Ho called the speech trump “dog barking”. On 19 September President of the United States from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly has promised to “completely destroy” North Korea. According to trump, the United States

Two foreigners cut themselves with knives in front of the Finnish Parliament

Two men have inflicted knife blows in the stomach in front of the Parliament building in the Finnish capital Helsinki. On Friday, September 22, reports Both the wounded were hospitalized. With them they had a temporary identity card issued by the reception centre for refugees. The police have not yet disclosed the nationality of the men. Information about whether they are passers-by, were reported. 18 August in Turku, Finland, armed with a knife Moroccan Abderrahmane Bags attacked passers-by. His victims were two women, several people were injured. Among the victims — the Finns, Swedes and Italians. The authorities acknowledged the incident a terrorist attack. Police opened fire on the attackers and wounded him in the leg, then he was arrested. Later in the investigation of this crime, the authorities detained four citizens of Morocco.

Savchenko has entered a post of the Governor of the Belgorod region

Photo: RIA Novosti Elected Governor of the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko took office, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Belgorod regional Duma. The inauguration ceremony takes place in Belgorod state Philharmonic society within the framework of the 19th session of the Belgorod regional Duma. “Yevgeny Savchenko has entered a post of the Governor of the Belgorod region”, — said the Agency interlocutor. Savchenko, head of the Belgorod oblast in 2003, September 10 again won the elections with to 69.29% of the vote. The electoral Commission of Belgorod region at the meeting on 14 September registered Savchenko as Governor, the Chairman of regional election Committee Nikolay Pletnev has awarded him the certificate of his election as head of the region. Savchenko twice (1993 and 2007) were administered five times (in 1995, 1999, 2003, 2012 and 2017) was elected head of the Belgorod region. In the previous gubernatorial election in 2012,

Evstifeev assumed the position of head of the Mari El Republic

Photo: RIA Novosti Alexander Evstifeev, the winner of the early elections, on Thursday took office as the head of the Mari El Republic. At the inauguration ceremony at the Palace of Congresses in Yoshkar-Ola was attended by members of the Republican government, heads of Executive and judicial bodies of state authority, heads of administrations of cities and districts of the Republic, representatives of the denominations, associations, honored workers of culture, science and art. The ceremony of inauguration of the head of the Mari El Republic took place in the framework of the session of the state Assembly of the Republic. The Chairman of the Republican Central election Commission Irina Tatarinov announced the election results and handed over to the elected the head a certificate of his election to this post. Then Evstifeev took the oath in Mari and Russian languages. “I swear to faithfully serve the people, the Constitution of

The first edition of “Harry Potter” has set a record at auction

The first edition of “Harry Potter” has set a record at auction On Auctiorns Heritage auctions sold one of the books of the original edition 1997. This is the website of the channel “Tsargrad TV”. We are talking about the first part of the fantasy series by JK Rowling — “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. One of the first books of the original 1997 edition of 500 copies at auction, Heritage Auctions sold for $81 thousand. From the original edition of 300 books was intended for the British library. Earlier, the “Practice” reported that Forbes magazine named Rowling the richest writer of the year.

The main events of the week (video)

The main events of the week (video) Reorganization of the Bank, the incident on doctrines “the West-2017”, the earthquake in Mexico, and medals of the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang — draft “news Mail.Ru” is the most discussed news of last week in video format. During the download an error has occurred.

The unusual behavior of jellyfish turned out to be a dream

The unusual behavior of jellyfish turned out to be a dream Scientists have shown that animals without nervous systems exhibit signs of sleep. The study was published in the journal Current Biology. Sleep is a reduction reaction of vertebrates, worms and insects in the world. It is due to the presence of the organisms circadian rhythms — daily fluctuations in biological processes. Until this study, scientists had no evidence that animals without a Central nervous system unable to sleep. From the point of view of evolution, jellyfish are the oldest animals, and biologists have wondered whether the sleep state of the presence of neurons. Scientists from the California Institute of technology came to the conclusion that sleep is an ancient process that has not changed in the course of evolution. So, the Cassiopea jellyfish is also able to sleep. To be considered dormant, the body needs to demonstrate periods of

The driver in the Urals called to order with vandalism

In Yekaterinburg, the driver of one of the trams has found a way of dealing with those who litter in the car, — motivating the inscriptions on the backs of chairs. On Friday, September 22, reports with reference to the publication in Facebook local resident. “By the end of almost every shift a woman watching the same scene: the mountains of garbage scattered throughout the cabin of the car. These inscriptions — the scream of the soul” — from Yekaterinburg interpreted the actions of the tram driver. The team working on the route specified in the post tram, also supported the initiative of colleagues, the newspaper writes. However, in the tram and trolleybus Department of the city said that the first time I hear about a new way of dealing with troublemakers. “Usually, if you painted the back, we always eliminate” they explained. Vandalism, including property damage on public