American was attacked with an ax in his sheltered during hurricane other

In the American state of Florida, the American attacked the other sheltered it during a hurricane “Irma”. Reported by the New York Post. According to the guards, they asked Carmine, Rocco. He said that his remaining to spend the night Tervis Payne in the morning, accused him of stealing drugs. Payne beat the landlord in the ribs and face, and threatened him with an axe. Then the assailant went into the street and smashed car, Rocco. The owner of the house fled and called the police. The detainee was charged with aggravated assault. He does not admit his guilt. 10 Sep hurricane “Irma” struck Florida, he had previously raged in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. His victims were 55 people.

Erdogan criticized the established monuments to him officials

Tayyip Erdogan Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan criticized the mayors of some cities, which established the monuments and statues in his honor. On Wednesday, September 13, according to Super Haber. “Some of the mayor’s office set me monuments, sculptures. When I found out about this, very upset. Friends, this is not consistent with our values,” — said the head of state, speaking before the heads of administrations of the Turkish provinces in Ankara. In particular, one of the bas-reliefs were installed in the city of Izmit (Kocaeli province) to the anniversary of the coup. However, later it was removed. 16 April, Turkey held a referendum. Citizens voted for amendments to 18 articles of the basic law, involving the strengthening of presidential power. The coup attempt was committed on the night of July 16, 2016. The rebellion took the lives of 248 people, more than 2.7 thousand were injured. After these

A suicide bomber blew himself up near the cricket stadium in Kabul

A suicide bomber blew himself up near a checkpoint at the gates of the cricket stadium in Kabul. On Wednesday, September 13, according to Reuters. The exact number of victims is still unknown. Police said at least two dead. The attack occurred during a match. According to reports by Afghan media, none of the players suffered. Responsibility for the attack yet no one picked up. The last major attack in Kabul took place on 24 July. Then a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a private University and home of the Deputy head of the government of Afghanistan Mohammad Mechanika in the area, inhabited predominantly Shia. 24 people were killed, 42 were injured. May 31, a powerful bomb exploded in Kabul, near the presidential Palace and Embassy buildings. According to preliminary data, the bomb was planted in a tanker for transportation of water. Killing 150 people, more than 400

In China, workers laid more than 600 “bumps” on the kilometer of road

In China, workers laid more than 600 “bumps” on the kilometer of road MOSCOW, September 13 — RIA Novosti. In China there was a road, one kilometer which represents more than 600 speed bumps. Video posted in the official Twitter account of Global Times. The record shows, how cars could hardly overcome the “obstacle course”, moving with very low speed. Do you dare to try this bumpy road? This one-kilometer stretch of road is full of speed bumps, which are placed every 1.5 meters apart — Global Times (@globaltimesnews) September 13, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. It is noted that the “speed bumps” located at a distance of half a meter from each other. The reason for creating such an unusual road not reported.

“A year ago I didn’t know what “taskbar”. And now often I use that word”. An interview with Maxim Galkin — about instagram, children, rap battles and Bulk

“A year ago I didn’t know what “taskbar”. And now often I use that word”. An interview with Maxim Galkin — about instagram, children, rap battles and Bulk In 2015, Maxim Galkin went back to the First channel after eight years; in may of 2016, he launched their Comedy show “Max-max”, which six months later was closed due to low ratings. At about this time Galkin began actively to your instagram and for six months managed to become a popular blogger on a regular page with a selfie began to appear sketches with the participation of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Laima Vaikule, as well as Lisa and Harry — children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugachev. Videos shot and assembled by the artist, gaining over a million hits. The journalist of “Medusa,” Alexander Sulima spoke with Maxim Galkin on how to be a modern and joke on instagram, and rap

Solovyov told about the beginning of the “channel wars” because of the jokes Urgant

Solovyov told about the beginning of the “channel wars” because of the jokes Urgant Broadcaster “Russia 1” Vladimir Solovyov, said the conflict with Ivan Urgant joked on his show about “Nightingale droppings”. According to Solovyov, Urgant has behaved incorrectly and his antics “declared war” Solovyov and the TV channel “Russia 1”. Earlier Urgant announced a response to regular attacks Solovyov in connection with the infamous joke known only that it will happen on September 13. Solovyov, in turn, said that he “spit” that will make Urgant. TV presenter of the channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Solovyov said that he “do not care” whether his colleague from the First channel Ivan Urgant reply to his remark after a mutual exchange of barbs. I do not care. That’s his business, and not even his, and channel guides.Vladimir Solovyov, TV Presenter Anchorman sure about a malicious joke Urgant about him and his programs on “Russia

In the capital mayoralty has suggested to hang a sign Nemtsov in the stairwell of his home

Plaque politician Boris Nemtsov can be placed in the entrance of the house where he lived, and thus avoid the conflict. Such opinion on Wednesday, September 13, stated to “Interfax” a source in Moscow city hall. In turn the Vice-mayor Leonid Pechatnikov said earlier the Agency that dismantled the SERB activists, a memorial sign was installed on the facade of the building is illegal. “There is a resolution of the city government regarding the installation of memorial plaques. Any plaque that hung in violation of the law will be dismantled,” he said. Earlier, on 12 September, it was reported that activists of the SERB took appeared on the wall in the center of Moscow, where the Germans lived, a memorial plaque in his honor, and then took her to the police. Opposition leader Ilya Yashin said in response that has a spare plate and she will soon appear in the

Representatives of 13 countries took part in the Moscow road show

Presentation of investment potential of the Moscow region for foreign entrepreneurs was held in Sergiev Posad district on Wednesday, September 13. This was reported on the website of the regional government. The event was attended by representatives of 13 countries, in particular, the heads and representatives of foreign unions, chambers, associations, executives of foreign companies. “It was like our standard partners — Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, and some interesting countries, such as Iceland, Argentina, which do not have at the moment, the offices of industrial enterprises in the Moscow region, — said the Deputy Minister of investments and innovations of the region Anton Loginov. But hopefully everything is still ahead.” He stressed that the regional authorities are doing everything to the suburbs were attractive for investors: “Today’s event is one of a chain of programs for work with foreign business.” Loginov added that after the road show, representatives from the

Nine-year-old girl rescued two children from a fire in Dagestan

In the Dagestani village of Babayurt nine-year-old Milana Yusupov went into the burning apartment and brought her two children five and six years. This was reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda in the North Caucasus,” the press service of the Republican Central Board MOE Wednesday, September 13. The seventh-grader noticed a smoke which went from the second floor of the house, and then heard the voices of children screaming for help. “I went to this house, although I was very much afraid, — said Milan. — Once inside, began to call girls. They heard me and came running. After that I grabbed their hands and rushed to the exit. So we raced until he was near my house.” Date of incident, causes and consequences of the fire are not specified. It is known that a nine year old girl was on behalf of his mother to the neighbors to pick up some

The school in Washington state in the U.S. the shooting occurred

The school in Washington state in the U.S. the shooting occurred Several people were injured, the alleged shooter in custody. Moscow. September 13. INTERFAX.RU — IN one of the high schools in the us city of Spokane in Washington state were fired. About it informs on Wednesday Agency Associated Press. The area is cordoned off by the police. According to some media reports, several people were shot and wounded. Channel KXLY-TV reported that one person was killed and four were injured. Another channel KHQ reports that hospitalized six people. Police took custody of the suspect. To the school drove the ambulance, while beside it was a helicopter. All schools located in the southern part of the city, was closed. Sheriff Spokane police urged residents to avoid visiting this area of the city. A very active scene at Freeman High School. @KHQLocalNews — Robert Mitchell (@Frenchring51) 13 Sep 2017 During