Found regulating the development of cancer and obesity connection

American scientists showed that disabling the gene that encodes the enzyme phosphatidic acid phosphatase, increases the risk of developing not only obesity, but also cancer and diabetes. A study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, reports Rutgers University (USA). As a model organism experts were used in the experiments Baker’s yeast. Remove from fungi encoding gene phosphatase phosphatidic acid, leads to accumulation of phosphatidic acid, resulting in cells produced more membrane lipids than is necessary. The findings obtained in experiments with yeast, just and for the people. “Excess production of membranes allows cells to grow uncontrollably, which is a symptom of a disease resembling cancer,” said co-author Gil-soo Han. Currently, experts are trying to understand the structure and function of the phosphatidic acid phosphatase, and also learn to control her production. One of the simplest ways that experts call a balanced diet. Previously, scientists knew that disabling the gene

Visitors of three shopping centers in Moscow evacuated from-for threats of explosion

Capital shopping center “atrium”, “European” and “metropolis” were evacuated after an anonymous call. According to the AGN “Moscow”, unknown on the phone warned about the threat of explosion at these facilities. In particular, from the shopping center “metropolis” withdrawn more than two thousand people. Also the target of the telephone terrorist has become one of the shops network “Magnit”. He did not mention the address of the object, the police began checking the buildings in which are located the outlets, said “Interfax”. Earlier on 18 September, law enforcement authorities evacuated more than 600 people from nine district councils, prefectures and office building in Moscow because of an anonymous message about the bomb threats. In particular, we are talking about the Prefecture South-Western administrative district on the Sevastopol prospectus, the government of the Koptevo district on ulitsa Zoi I Aleksandra Kosmodem’yanskikh, as well as the Prefecture of the Western administrative district

Russian diplomats made clear the fate which gave the reverse of emigration, gay

The Russian Embassy in Germany has sent in edition”.ru” letter, which clarified the fate of a Russian citizen who fled to Germany because of persecution on the grounds of hatred towards homosexuals. September 15 online edition published an article “I Saw a Chechen and understood — will be humiliated”, in which he spoke about the difficulties faced by a man. Representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission reported that mentioned in the text, the citizen has received from the Russian General Consulate in Munich the official answer according to the provided address. “He, in particular, transmitted a list of English speaking lawyers, assisting in such situations, including on a grant applicant’s basis”, — the document says. The Embassy noted that the situation described by the Russians, “the subject of the proceedings of the German police, in which the diplomatic mission has no right to interfere, but has the right to monitor

The Russian foreign Ministry denied publication in the Irish media about

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia is pursuing a consistent policy of suppression of illegal activity on the Internet and has repeatedly said it is ready for broad international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime, said the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the publication in the Irish media. In the Irish Times newspaper published an article, where attacks on computer networks of the German Bundestag in the years 2015-2016 is linked to the “Russian hackers”. The author also claims that the Russian-speaking Diaspora in Germany is processed in social networks, to influence the parliamentary elections scheduled for September 24. The Russian Federation has repeatedly refuted the groundless accusations concerning her “interference in elections in different countries”, — stated in the message of the foreign Ministry. “We have repeatedly stated about its readiness for broad international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime as bilateral relations and in the framework of relevant international organizations”,

In the centre of London, a new Banksy work

In the centre of London, a new Banksy work Two new graffiti by the famous street artist Banksy appeared in London. Works adorning the city walls near the Cultural centre of the Barbican, dedicated to the opening of the exhibition by the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. New York-based artist died in 1988 at the age of 27 due to drug overdose. In his instagram Banksy has described the work as “informal collaboration” with the exhibition. Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican – a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls. Publication from Banksy (@banksy) Sep 17 2017 at 5:10 PDT During the download an error has occurred. In the caption to the photo with the graffiti “Ferris Wheel” Banksy wrote, “a major exhibition of Basquiat opens at the Barbican, which usually seeks to erase graffiti from their walls.” Portrait of Basquiat being

Jordan Belfort admitted that he was taught DiCaprio to portray narcotic intoxication

Jordan Belfort admitted that he was taught DiCaprio to portray narcotic intoxication We all remember that scene from “the wolf of wall street” Scorsese, where the hero Leonardo DiCaprio a little too much drugs and being unable to overcome the force of gravity and to rise from the ground, gracefully opened the door of his Lamborghini with his foot. But few people know that masterly to crawl on the ground, simulating the drugs, the actor taught himself Jordan Belfort — the speaker, a broker, a crook and a prototype of the protagonist of “the wolf of wall street”. During the presentation of his latest book, “the Path wolf” (Way of the wolf), Belfort told The New York Post: “Leo has never tried drugs, so I showed him how the person looks and feels when it is high. I was crawling around it. At some point we both ended up on

The man who prevented a nuclear war

The man who prevented a nuclear war “Jellyfish” tells the story of Stanislav Petrov — one of the main heroes of the cold war. On his death it became known casually. On 14 September the German newspaper WAZ said that in his apartment in the suburbs died Stanislav Petrov was a Soviet officer, who in 1983 could order the application of nuclear attack on the United States, but he was able to understand the situation and did not do it. Petrov is one of the main heroes of the cold war, he wrote books and made films, it was awarded in the headquarters of the United Nations. It turned out that Petrov died in may of 2017 is accidentally found out his long-term friend from Germany, still grateful Petrov for the prevention of nuclear war. On the night of 26 September 1983, Stanislav Petrov was the operational duty at the

The ECtHR will consider complaints of Scientology and AUM Shinrikyo against Russia

The European court of human rights (ECtHR) accepted for consideration the complaint of several religious organizations that were previously banned in Russia for extremist or terrorist activities. It follows from the materials placed on the court’s website. Only the ECHR communicated eight complaints filed against Russia. Now the country-the defendant shall within the prescribed period submit to the court its position. Appeals were filed in the period from 2011 to 2017, all applicants are appealing the violation of article 9 of the European Convention on freedom of conscience. In particular, the ECHR will consider the complaint of the adherents of the movement “AUM Shinrikyo” to enable their organizations to the list of terrorist and 12 adherents of the “Church of Scientology” and the eight associated with Scientology organizations from different cities of Russia who are dissatisfied with prosecution for distributing religious literature and denial of registration of legal entities. In

The Prosecutor’s office demanded to respect the rights of persons with disabilities in Domodedovo airport

Moscow Prosecutor’s office on supervision of execution of laws on air and water transport, has challenged the rules of use of Parking at the airport of Domodedovo from-for absence of preferential places for persons with disabilities. About it reported to “” the official representative of the Supervisory authority Ekaterina Korotkova. “Elimination of the revealed violations and consideration of the act of Prosecutor’s reaction is under the control of the transport Prosecutor’s office,” she said. During the check the investigators found that the Parking rules on the territory of aerogauge contrary to the requirements of Federal law No. 181-FZ of 1995 “On social protection of invalids in the Russian Federation”. 10 Aug blind Muscovite Dana Merzlyakov was not allowed in the restaurant “Seventh heaven” at the Ostankino tower, which can be reached only through the observation deck. The refusal was reasoned by the difficulties of evacuation in case of emergency and

A fisherman died after a bear attack on Sakhalin

Fisherman on Sakhalin island, died after the bear attack. On Monday, September 18, RIA Novosti reported citing a source in the regional Ministry of forest and hunting economy. “Today discovered a man’s body with the characteristic wounds,” — said the Agency interlocutor. About the missing men a day earlier, said his relatives. As it became known, two families went on vacation at the river Month in the Aniva district. The man took the bait and went to fish on your own. After some time, relatives began to call him to dinner, but the screams he did not answer. Relatives are first sought it themselves, and then turned to law enforcement. In early September, in Sakhalin oblast bear killed a 70-year-old hunter. Before his death, the man managed to wound the predator. Hunters still have not found the animal, said the Agency. In November last year in the village of Znamenka,