In the ROC compared the RAM of the Yekaterinburg theater with the attack on Charlie Hebdo

The Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church issued a statement about the attack on the building of the cinema theatre “Kosmos” in Ekaterinburg, which occurred on Monday, September 4. “The attack on the attempted arson at KKC Cosmos regarded as an unprecedented public dangerous act that deserves unconditional condemnation and punishment of those responsible, whatever their motives may have been,” — said in a statement. It is also noted that mental illness Denis Murashov, the perpetrators of the attack, “does not give anyone the right to unreasonable relation between the position of the Orthodox community against the movie “Matilda” and similar criminal acts that jeopardize public safety, life and health of people.” In an interview with the publication Bishop Sredneuralskaya Eugene (kulberg) indicated that the incident in Yekaterinburg similar to the situation with the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo. “Constant provocations, not finding a decent reaction from

The American explained the murder of his wife sleeping

Matthew Phelps and his wife Ashley-Nicole Matthew Phelps, an American resident of North Carolina, explained to the police that he killed his wife in a dream. It is reported by ABC13. “I think I killed my… — said the American during a call to the emergency services. — I had a dream, then I woke up, turned on the light, and she lay dead on the floor. I was covered in blood, on the bed knife, it is also in the blood. I think I did it. I can’t believe”. At the end of the call, which lasted seven minutes, Phelps was crying and telling the operator that his wife did not deserve such a fate. The alleged killer has explained to the operators that bedtime took the drug Coricidin cough because I couldn’t sleep. The producer of this medicine has expressed condolences to the family, but assured reporters that

The Leipzig police advised the women to run around two by two for protection from rapists

Police in the German Leipzig has undergone massive criticism after it advised women to run in the Park two by two for protection from rapists. About it reports The Local. The controversial advice that has been offered after “the man of southern appearance”, aged between 25 to 35 years abused the local 50-year-old resident, who decided to run in the Park. He was beaten so badly her face that the woman needed an operation. “When a man runs past someone, he needs to look back to make sure that it is not attacked. Women are better to run on two or so that there is always someone was,” he said after reporting the crime to the press Secretary of the city police Department. This statement was criticized by the mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung. “The authorities’ response to this terrible event should be to increase police presence on the streets

The trade representation of the Russian Federation in Washington now control the US

Photo: RIA Novosti The building of the Russian Trade representation in Washington under the control of U.S. authorities. TASS reports that Russia’s state property in the capital of the United States put American security. Trade representative of Russia in Washington, Alexander Stadnik confirmed that, in the opinion of the American side, diplomatic immunity complex is cleared. “They are from two o’clock local time (21:00 GMT) don’t think so,” said Stadnik. Employees of the Russian Embassy after the insistence of the American side were allowed into the premises of the trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Washington, where he was searched, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Embassy Nikolay Lakhonin. Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry said that US intelligence agencies are going on 2 September to carry out a search at the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, including in the apartments of employees of the diplomatic mission.

In the trade representation of Russia in Washington was searched

Photo: BAFS “the Economy today” Earlier it was reported that American intelligence agencies are planning to conduct a search in the General Consulate of Russia in San Francisco. In the state Duma said that the decision of the US authorities about the search at the Consulate General shows their lack of professionalism. The Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa added that “such actions characterize the cold war”.

Poklonskaya said Roizman in his comment about the fire in Yekaterinburg

Poklonskaya said Roizman in his comment about the fire in Yekaterinburg The former Prosecutor of Crimea, the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya said that the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman “hurt the religious feelings of people”, calling a suspect in the attack on the cinema theatre “Kosmos” in Ekaterinburg “Orthodox fan. The MP said in an interview with RBC. Poklonski noted that the lack of “proper response” to violations of the law leads to “further provocations and escalation of the situation”. In her opinion, these provocations “cast a shadow on the faithful, which, in accordance with the law seek to protect their rights.” She stressed that the head of Ekaterinburg, in her opinion, “forgot that he was responsible for antiterrorist security”. She noted that Roizman, “instead of hearing their constituents and act in their interests, allows unflattering remarks in the address, calling them “Orthodox fans”. “[The mayor of

McDonald’s workers in Britain will strike

McDonald’s workers in Britain will strike Moscow. September 4. INTERFAX.RU Workers in the UK will go on strike for the first time since 1974, when the company began to work in the country, protesting against low wages and lack of job security, writes The Guardian. On Monday the strike will be attended by 40 employees of two McDonald’s in Cambridge and Crayford (a suburb of London). As stated by one of the oldest trade unions of great Britain — Union of bakers, workers in the food industry and related professions, McDonald’s workers demand higher wages at least up to 10 pounds ($13), confidence in working time and recognition of trade Union membership. McDonald’s in the UK actively using the contracts without specifying minimum working hours (zero-hours contracts): nearly 83 thousand, or three quarters of the staff network in the country, we work on the basis of such contracts. Such agreements

Protection mathematics Dmitry Bogatov appealed to the ECHR

Protection mathematics Dmitry Bogatov appealed to the ECHR Protection mathematics Dmitry Bogatov filed a complaint to the European court of human rights (ECHR), told RBC his lawyer Sarkis Darbinyan. As stated Darbinyan, the ECHR relates to the content of mathematics in jail from April to end of July. “Our lawyer Alexei lipcer appealed to the ECHR about the initially chosen measure of restraint,” said Darbinyan. Earlier it was reported that on 29 August Presnensky court of Moscow extended the house arrest of mathematics Dmitry Bogatov until 7 October. Teacher of mathematics, Moscow Finance and law Academy (MFUA), Dmitry Bogatov was detained by employees of Investigatory Committee of Russia on 6 April. The police brought him in for calls to unauthorized mass action on April 2 at the arc and Manege square in Moscow. The court left the petition for arrest of the math without consideration, then Bogatov again brought in

In the milky Way found a new black hole

Japanese astrophysicists have registered the radiation from a new candidate in the middle a black hole of the milky Way. A study published in the journal Nature Astronomy. New black hole is about one hundred thousand times heavier than the Sun and located in the cloud molecular gas (the object of CO–0.40–0.22) at a distance of 60 parsecs from the center of the milky Way. Scientists using the Observatory ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) has registered the emission at frequencies 265,9 and 230,5 GHz. Computer modeling conducted by experts showed that the dynamics of the gas in CO–0.40–0.22 due to the presence in the cloud of a black hole the average weight. In the future, the authors plan more research the object and find new candidates for black holes in the average weight. Black hole high-mass occupy an intermediate position between objects, the gravitational stellar mass and supermassive black holes,