The Leipzig police advised the women to run around two by two for protection from rapists

Police in the German Leipzig has undergone massive criticism after it advised women to run in the Park two by two for protection from rapists. About it reports The Local.

The controversial advice that has been offered after “the man of southern appearance”, aged between 25 to 35 years abused the local 50-year-old resident, who decided to run in the Park. He was beaten so badly her face that the woman needed an operation.

“When a man runs past someone, he needs to look back to make sure that it is not attacked. Women are better to run on two or so that there is always someone was,” he said after reporting the crime to the press Secretary of the city police Department.

This statement was criticized by the mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung. “The authorities’ response to this terrible event should be to increase police presence on the streets and in parks — I have several years talking about it,” said the mayor.

The guards, meanwhile, are searching for a suspected rapist. They find out whether he can be linked to two sexual assaults that occurred in the district lately.