The American explained the murder of his wife sleeping

Matthew Phelps and his wife Ashley-Nicole

Matthew Phelps, an American resident of North Carolina, explained to the police that he killed his wife in a dream. It is reported by ABC13.

“I think I killed my… — said the American during a call to the emergency services. — I had a dream, then I woke up, turned on the light, and she lay dead on the floor. I was covered in blood, on the bed knife, it is also in the blood. I think I did it. I can’t believe”. At the end of the call, which lasted seven minutes, Phelps was crying and telling the operator that his wife did not deserve such a fate.

The alleged killer has explained to the operators that bedtime took the drug Coricidin cough because I couldn’t sleep. The producer of this medicine has expressed condolences to the family, but assured reporters that there is no reason to assume that Coricidin can cause aggression.

The suspect was placed under arrest, the court in his case is expected on Tuesday, September 5.