The Russian foreign Ministry expressed U.S. protest in connection with the situation around diobjects

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova © Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS MOSCOW, September 1. /TASS/. The Russian foreign Ministry expresses its decisive protest in connection with the new restriction of activities of diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in the United States. This is stated in the commentary official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted Friday on the website of the Russian depodesta.

Black smoke from the building of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco has attracted the attention of journalists

Continued: the state Department forwarded to the FBI a question about the RAID on the Russian Consulate in San Francisco Over the building of the General Consulate of Russia in San Francisco is visible smoke, it arrived the fire, which was not allowed on the territory of the mission. On Friday, September 1, reports the Associated Press. The reporters indicate that Consulate staff deliberately refused to allow firefighters inside, because the building of “something burning in the fireplace,” and the smoke coming from the chimney. Earlier Friday, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the us intelligence agencies are going to conduct a search in the General Consulate of Russia in San Francisco. According to her, it is planned to make 2 Sep. On the same day the Russian Embassy in the U.S. stated that he hoped for the normalization of bilateral relations even after the

Chinese in Australia cut the throat of a helpless kangaroo

Citizen of China detained in Australia because he killed a kangaroo. About it reports The South China Morning Post. The reason for the arrest was video, captured on a mobile phone and posted on the Chinese social network WeChat. It shows how the Chinese attacks on the injured animal and causing it blows a large hunting knife to the throat. He knocks him to the ground and finishes off the kangaroo at first screams and tries to resist, but then stops. In total, the Chinese struck the animal 19 times with a knife. Removing thus urged on him, that by killing the victim, shouting at the Chinese: “hi! Recognize me?” Angry users of WeChat, released a video addressed to Chinese and Australian police. The guards from Australia have calculated and have arrested the attacker: it turned out that the perpetrator is 43-year-old Antiques dealer from Liaoning province, who for many

The US government said that closing the Consulate General of the Russian Federation the oldest in the country

Photo: USA when deciding about the next steps against Russia took into account that closing the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, the oldest in the country, said a senior representative of the US administration. “It is the oldest and most famous Consulate,” he said. “We weighed the different criteria and different reasons” , — said the representative of the administration. Earlier, Russia in response to the closure of its diplomatic facilities in the United States and the expulsion of the diplomats suggested the United States reduce the number of diplomatic missions in Russia up to 455 people, bringing them to equal the number of Russian personnel in the United States. On Thursday, the US demanded before September 2, to close the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco and two consular facility in Washington and new York.

Moscow will study the new regulations of the USA on closing of the Consulate of the Russian Federation and will report the answer – Lavrov

Photo: Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson expressed his regret at the escalation of tensions in bilateral relations. Tillerson called in order to inform the Ministry about additional restrictions on the activities of Russian diplomatic missions in the United States. Lavrov promised to tell about the reaction of Russia after Moscow will be carefully studied by the Americans announced the new measures. Earlier it was reported that the US state Department has demanded from Russia to close until 2 September, the Consulate in San Francisco, as well as two facilities in Washington and new York.

Events of the week in photos

Events of the week in photos Revision of the “news Mail.Ru” presents a digest of the most important and colorful events, from 26 August to 1 September 2017 in the photographs of the leading news agencies of Russia and the world. 26 Aug. Tropical storm “Harvey” hit the Southeast coast of the United States. It is called the most devastating natural disaster in Texas history: three days in Houston and other cities in the state fell 50 trillion liters of water. The White house stated that US President Donald trump will donate one million dollars of personal funds for elimination of consequences of the disaster. Previously, he accompanied his wife Melanie trump personally visited several flood-affected localities to assess the extent of the damage. 26 Aug. In Barcelona staged a massive rally against terrorism, organised in connection with the tragedy on August 17. In a March under the slogan “I’m

China forbidden to sing the national anthem at the funeral. And sit when it sounds

China forbidden to sing the national anthem at the funeral. And sit when it sounds The Chinese authorities have adopted a law restricting the right to sing the national anthem. Now he can perform only on political events, flag-raising ceremonies and awards ceremonies, sports competitions and others. The Chinese must stand up when the national anthem sounds. The ban came the singing of the national anthem at the funeral “inappropriate private collections”, and its use in advertising or as background music in public places. For “malicious” replacement of lines or singing in a “disrespectful” manner provided 15 days of arrest or criminal penalties. The law will apply including Hong Kong and Macau. The national anthem of China is called “March of the volunteers”, in 1935 it was written by poet and playwright Tian Han. In 2015, football fans from Hong Kong booed the national anthem during the match of qualification

I am afraid of voodoo, as it is painted?

I am afraid of voodoo, as it is painted? While many African traditions retreating under the pressure of modern life, one thrives. Voodoo. The cult, known magical rituals and sacrifices, gained a dubious reputation in the West, however, in Benin, in West Africa, voodoo is one of the official religions. The stronghold of the cult — the district of Ouidah. On the daily sacrifice to the Temple of pythons attracts dozens of people. Under the drums of well-dressed men and women dance around a bowl of millet, alcohol, and slaughtered chicken. Inside the temple in a pit swarming fifty snakes, and atone for the sins of believers at the ceremony of purification. Blood, snakes and strength It’s the voodoo pythons — a symbol of strength. The faithful hope that the spirit of Dagbe worshipped in this temple will give them the strength to change your life. But for this to

The EP has suspended the membership of Umar Dzhabrailov to the party after shooting at hotel

Umar Dzhabrailov The membership of the former Senator from Chechnya Umar Dzhabrailov, the party “United Russia” is temporarily suspended. On Friday, September 1, reported TASS the press service of United Russia. “August 30 was held a political Council of local branch of “United Russia” Arbat district, where it was decided to suspend the membership of Umar Dzhabrailov to the party in connection with excitation against it criminal case”, — said the Agency interlocutor. A criminal case against Chechen businessman was opened on 30 August after the incident last night in Moscow Four Seasons hotel, where Dzhabrailov opened fire in the ceiling of premium gun. During the incident no one was hurt. The businessman was arrested as a suspect and later released under a recognizance not to leave. According to one version, the cause of the fire was the dissatisfaction with the quality of service. Dzhabrailov ordered food in the room,

Putin told about the nuclear reactor in every Russian

Vladimir Putin Russia is constantly evolving due to the fact that its residents have a kind of internal nuclear reactor, said President Vladimir Putin. This opinion he expressed during the open lesson, titled “Russia looking into the future”, which took place in Yaroslavl on Friday, September 1. The broadcast led TV channel “Russia 24”. “If we exist more than a thousand years, and so actively develop, strengthen ourselves, so that we have that contributes to this. This something is the inner nuclear reactor of our people, our Russian people, the Russian people,” — said the head of state. He called this quality passionarity, which “pushes our country forward.” Earlier Friday it was reported that Vladimir Putin invited the current students to write an essay on the topic “Russia looking into the future” to learn about their vision for the country at the turn of the 2040-2050-ies. In early June, the