Chinese in Australia cut the throat of a helpless kangaroo

Citizen of China detained in Australia because he killed a kangaroo. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

The reason for the arrest was video, captured on a mobile phone and posted on the Chinese social network WeChat. It shows how the Chinese attacks on the injured animal and causing it blows a large hunting knife to the throat. He knocks him to the ground and finishes off the kangaroo at first screams and tries to resist, but then stops. In total, the Chinese struck the animal 19 times with a knife.

Removing thus urged on him, that by killing the victim, shouting at the Chinese: “hi! Recognize me?” Angry users of WeChat, released a video addressed to Chinese and Australian police. The guards from Australia have calculated and have arrested the attacker: it turned out that the perpetrator is 43-year-old Antiques dealer from Liaoning province, who for many years lived in Melbourne.

He will be tried for animal cruelty, he faces a fine of 30 thousand dollars and two years in prison. Many Internet users in China, however, wished him “the most cruel punishment.”