Washington has accused Russia in the attack on the Syrian opposition

The US-led international coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) have accused Moscow of attacking positions of the opposition of the “Syrian democratic forces”. On Saturday, September 16, RIA Novosti reported. “At approximately 00:30 a.m. GMT (03:00 Moscow time — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), on 16 September, Russian forces struck East of the Euphrates river in Syria near Deir-ez-Zor, causing wounded soldiers among the coalition partners”, — stated in the coalition’s statement. Agency sources said that during the strike injured six soldiers of the “Syrian democratic forces”. On 14 September it became known that Russia plans in coming days to end fighting with groups supporting the militants from the Islamic state in Syria. On 12 September, the Russian military, reported on the cleanup of 85 percent of Syrian territory from the militants. A week before it became known that the Syrian army broke the siege of

Tillerson saw in Russia a threat to its “democratic neighbors”

Rex Tillerson U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson believes that Russia is a threat to their “democratic neighbors” and interfere in their Affairs. On Friday, September 15, RIA Novosti reported. “Countries such as Russia, threatening its democratic neighbors, are attacking the Foundation of democracy by intervening in free and democratic elections”, — quotes Agency the words Tillerson. He also noted that Washington continues to support their “democratic partners”, and works together with them to “save democracy from interfering in the future.” In August Tillerson has accused Moscow of supplying weapons is prohibited in Russia to the Afghan Taliban. “Russia is indeed supplying weapons to the Taliban, and it violates international norms and the UN Security Council. We certainly object to that. If someone is going to put in this country a weapon, it should go through the Afghan government,” — said the head of American diplomacy.

Media: the Ministry of Finance received instructions to abandon the “humanitarian support” Donbass

Photo: TASS The government instructed the Ministry of Finance of Russia to abandon the “humanitarian support to individual territories” in favor of financing projects in the Crimea and in Kaliningrad, writes RBC with reference to sources. According to the edition, the corresponding order was given following the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak 1 September. It is noted that in the public documents on the Russian budget was never found of the phrase “humanitarian support to the individual territories,” however, told the newspaper close to the Kremlin sources, this wording should help the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics. “When we previously discussed the issue Surkov (presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. — RT), how to legalize aid to the Donbass without specifying the names of specific republics, was wondering how to make the process more or less transparent, but without reference LDNR. Agreed on this wording, proposed by Surkov,” —

In the United States presented a project to combat

Photo: TASS A new bill aimed at restricting the “attempts of Russia and China control the Internet,” presented Thursday in the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States. The document, posted on the website of one of its co-sponsors — congressmen-Democrat Eliot Engel, provides for the establishment of the post of US Ambassador to cyberspace, which “will lead the efforts of the state Department in the field of CyberTipline”. In addition, the project involves “the development of an international cyberspace policy that would promote democratic principles and rejected the attempts of Russia and China (to install) a more severe control over the Internet”. In the case of the bill, the Department of state will be obliged to “enable ratings on Internet freedom in its annual reports on human rights in the world.” The company Facebook has previously stated that during the presidential election campaign in the United

Nagiev will leave the First channel “on maternity leave to care for themselves”

Nagiev will leave the First channel “on maternity leave to care for themselves” Actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev said on the program “the Voice” that will go on vacation due to nerves. About it writes portal Ura.ru on Saturday, September 16. In late August, the First channel left TV presenter Andrey Malakhov. He switched on the channel “Russia 1”, where started the talk show “live”. The first broadcast came on August 28. On the First channel she has worked since 1992. Dmitriy Nagiev known for the TV series “Carefully, a modernist!”, “The master and Margarita” and “the Teacher”. In the early 2000s, he led the TV show “Windows” on STS channel.

Chained themselves with handcuffs near the dump area of the Urals was taken to the police

Employees of the Yekaterinburg police stopped a rally of activists who handcuffed themselves to the entrance to the illegal dump in 12 kilometers from the city. On Saturday, September 16, reports Ura.ru. Community members were taken to the office for drawing up an administrative Protocol. The representative of the Ministry of public security of Sverdlovsk area Oleg malishevskiy, arrived on the scene, promised to investigate the situation. Earlier on Saturday, a foreman working on a construction site, told TASS that the landfill is working on reclamation, which will take about two years. The action was attended by five people, three of them used the handcuffs. According to them, the landfill continued to operate, although the court’s decision it was to close.

Nine times lishivshiysya rights invalid without legs again caught the girls dancing in Syzran

The traffic police in Syzran stopped the car VAZ-2107, at the wheel which there was a disabled person with an amputated at the knee feet. In drawing up the Protocol it became clear that the 48-year-old man nine times was deprived of the driving license. On Saturday, September 16, reports “Little Syzran”. From passing the medical examination, the man refused. As notes the edition, wagging from side to side of the car said the activists of the movement “Night patrol” in the village of Western. They also reported about the events in the traffic police. By car, clarifies the portal, there are many dings and scratches, and he probably got into an accident. In June it was reported that the 45-year-old Moscow disabled stole a car Mazda 2 converted for the carriage of person with disabilities. It was noted that the hijacker, problems with the cardiovascular system. In January 2014