Nine times lishivshiysya rights invalid without legs again caught the girls dancing in Syzran

The traffic police in Syzran stopped the car VAZ-2107, at the wheel which there was a disabled person with an amputated at the knee feet. In drawing up the Protocol it became clear that the 48-year-old man nine times was deprived of the driving license. On Saturday, September 16, reports “Little Syzran”.

From passing the medical examination, the man refused.

As notes the edition, wagging from side to side of the car said the activists of the movement “Night patrol” in the village of Western. They also reported about the events in the traffic police.

By car, clarifies the portal, there are many dings and scratches, and he probably got into an accident.

In June it was reported that the 45-year-old Moscow disabled stole a car Mazda 2 converted for the carriage of person with disabilities. It was noted that the hijacker, problems with the cardiovascular system.

In January 2014 in Florida (USA) legless wheelchair stole a car. In the showroom 28-year-old Shamal Battis asked the consultant to put him in Pontiac 2009 release. Once in it, Battis was locked, then got folding crutches and left, using them to press on the gas and brake pedals.