Clinton wanted to abolish prevented her electoral College

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton, the loser of the US presidential election Donald Trump, called for the abolition of the electoral College, which helped her opponent to become the master of the White house. She spoke about it in an interview with CNN. “I think it needs to be eliminated. I’d like for us to move further”, — the politician noted. According to Clinton, she offered to do this back in 2000 when democratic candidate al Gore gained by 543 thousand votes more than the Republican candidate George W. Bush. However, he received fewer electoral votes. In the US the indirect presidential elections. On voting day, electors in each state, giving voice for one of the candidates actually vote for the list of electors from the party who made it. Each state Board is formed based on the number of congressmen and senators from that state. In total, there are 538

The state Department complained about the elimination of Parking near the American consulates in Russia

Parking for employees of American consulates removed. This was reported RIA Novosti the representative of the state Department on Thursday, September 14. “We can confirm that the Parking spaces that used to be reserved for the staff of the consulates of the United States, has recently been removed,” said the source. According to him, this issue was planned to raise in the foreign Ministry. The head of the press service of the Embassy of the United States Mary Olson stated that on the issue of “actions of the Russian side for comment should refer to the Russian officials”. The Agency notes that earlier in Yekaterinburg on the initiative of the traffic police removed the signs, allowing American and British diplomats to leave cars on the roadside. In St. Petersburg instead of illegal Parking at the US Consulate appeared crosswalk and the possibility of reversal, and in Vladivostok in front of

USA made two Ukrainian airlines in the list of sanctions

Made in the United States sanctions list in connection with the restrictive measures against Iran the two Ukrainian airline “Dart” and “horse”. This was reported on the website of the U.S. Treasury. According to authorities, the company has assisted the Iranian and Iraqi airlines, previously included in the sanctions list, providing the aircraft and providing a range of services. Both companies are said to help the Iranian Caspian Air and the Iraqi Al-Naser Airlines to buy American aircraft, and also hire the crew and provide other services. These Iranian and Iraqi airline previously became the object of us sanctions for direct or indirect assistance to entities of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. Also, the United States imposed sanctions against seven Iranian citizens and two companies. Measures have been taken in accordance with a government order aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

Putin will hold a meeting with elected governors

Photo: TV Center The head of state Vladimir Putin will meet with governors who were elected on 10 September. The meeting could take place on 20-21 September. Prior to that, in the framework of working visits Putin visited almost all the electoral areas, with some of the candidates, the head of state held a meeting in Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with heads of regions who were elected during the single voting day on September 10. About it as writes the newspaper “Izvestia”, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. In the administration of one of the electoral regions reported that the meeting can be held on 20-21 September. Earlier in the framework of working visits Putin visited almost all the electoral areas, with some of the candidates, the head of state held a meeting in Moscow. September 10 the citizens by direct vote of the

Russians support update governors

Photo: RIA Novosti Residents of Russia’s regions support the updating of the governors. This is shown by the results of the elections held in the regions on Sunday, the TV channel “Russia 24”. On Wednesday, the results of the “Single voting Day” analyzed the participants of the round table. The experts noted that almost everywhere, the newly appointed acting heads of regions have received more than 70 percent of the vote. What, in their opinion, said the positive attitude of the people towards the policy of the Federal centre for generational change in the government in General and governors in particular. The experts also noted the democratic nature of the elections.

The Bulgarian government has called Russia a threat

Photo: The business newspaper “Sight” My fourteen year old son recently stayed in Sofia. There he held largely symbolic conversation with peers. “Are you really going to bomb us?”, asked the Bulgarian. “Dad, I was in shock — told me this story the son on his return from Bulgaria. They really think that we’re ready to fight! I replied that Russia to attack anyone not going to.” And indeed, that the Bulgarian student to ask the Russian, when he daily local Newspapers, radio and television tell us that Moscow “attacked Kyiv” that Russia is “threatening Europe’s security”, that the Russian “is about to go to war with Europe”? And nothing else from Bulgarian politicians and the media to not wait. Including because of the American presence in Bulgaria is growing like a weed. So the conclusions that it is the Bulgarian government, is to be expected. In the report on

Hope Hicks gets to trump longer than most. It’s already a success

Hope Hicks gets to trump longer than most. It’s already a success I’ll try whether the 28-year-old hope Hicks to change the style of the President, or he will dictate to her how to do her job? Last hope, Hicks was head of the press service of the campaign of Donald trump, and that she hired people to work. It was awful. In fairness it should be noted that while the press service there were few people. But these people did not respond to calls from journalists, and there was chaos. It is not known how it did not affect his career, Hicks. And now, being in trunovskom the White house, where loyalty to the President is sometimes considered as the main quality of the employee, it went on increasing. The President behaves rigidly with their press representatives, fast losing patience, when they communicate with the press and the General

Cancer will be treated rascaless to 4000 °C gold nanoparticles

Cancer will be treated rascaless to 4000 °C gold nanoparticles The scientists were able to synthesize stable gold nanoparticles in the form of stars to fight against cancer. Inexpensive and non-toxic nanoparticles will effectively diagnose cancer in its early stages and point to destroy the affected cells. The study is published in the journal of the Chemical Society. Today in medicine are widely used plasmonic nanomaterials based on silver and gold. “Plasmon” is called nanostructures, unusual optical and physical properties which is caused primarily by their shape and structure, as well as the oscillation of free electrons inside them. How does this oscillation strongly depends on the shape and size of nanoparticles. It allows them to have a set of unusual optical and physical properties. However, plasmonic nanoparticles based on gold, there is a drawback: when injected into the blood, they begin to stick together under the influence of too

Have you ever seen Jim Carrey in a bad mood? Here is a rare chance

Have you ever seen Jim Carrey in a bad mood? Here is a rare chance The comedian, obviously, was not like a secular party in new York. In a new York hotel The Plaza Hotel last Friday was the party ICONS, organized by American Harper’s Bazaar. The event traditionally gathers representatives of fashion and art: visitors to, for example, was spotted Jared Leto, The Weeknd, Heidi Klum and, in particular, Jim Carrey. About the actor we want to talk: he suddenly moved himself in front of a reporter is not as expected from the guests social events. Kerry clearly was determined not too friendly: it is evident from the way he is, clearly teasingly, circling around the reporter. But the real show began when he began to speak. During the download an error has occurred.”I searched the meaningless party, and here I am, — said Kerry about one of the

Programme of capital repair of houses and porches in the suburbs was considered successful

Moscow oblast is an example of successful synchronization of capital repairs of apartment buildings with the current repair of entrances, said Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services of Russia Andrey Chibis. His words are in the press release of the Ministry, arrived in edition “” on Thursday, September 14. “If you [the regional authorities] are doing a major overhaul, it is correct, if the courtyard will be refurbished simultaneously with the overhaul of houses located in this yard and repair porches. It is necessary that all this was done as “turnkey”” said the Chibis at the IV all-Russian Congress of regional operators overhaul in Yekaterinburg. He stressed that the authorities of Moscow suburbs do well with this task. In turn, the Minister of housing and communal services of the Moscow region Evgeny hromushin said that before the end of the year in the region it is planned