Cancer will be treated rascaless to 4000 °C gold nanoparticles

Cancer will be treated rascaless to 4000 °C gold nanoparticles

The scientists were able to synthesize stable gold nanoparticles in the form of stars to fight against cancer. Inexpensive and non-toxic nanoparticles will effectively diagnose cancer in its early stages and point to destroy the affected cells.

The study is published in the journal of the Chemical Society.

Today in medicine are widely used plasmonic nanomaterials based on silver and gold. “Plasmon” is called nanostructures, unusual optical and physical properties which is caused primarily by their shape and structure, as well as the oscillation of free electrons inside them. How does this oscillation strongly depends on the shape and size of nanoparticles. It allows them to have a set of unusual optical and physical properties.

However, plasmonic nanoparticles based on gold, there is a drawback: when injected into the blood, they begin to stick together under the influence of too big for them, the concentration of sodium chloride. Thus the blood vessels are clogged, and deliver nanoparticles to diseased tissues becomes impossible.

Scientists at the energy efficiency Centre nust MISIS under the supervision of Professor Dulal Senapati from the Institute of nuclear physics named after Saha was able to solve the problem of delivery of nanoparticles to diseased tissues. They synthesized stable nanoparticles based on gold, which do not clump together when injected into the blood, and have a high efficiency in Raman spectroscopy. Molecules on the surface of nanoparticles of gold significantly enhance the Raman signal — when the illumination laser is bucking the bright luminescence of the nanoparticles.