The Bulgarian government has called Russia a threat


The business newspaper “Sight”

My fourteen year old son recently stayed in Sofia. There he held largely symbolic conversation with peers. “Are you really going to bomb us?”, asked the Bulgarian. “Dad, I was in shock — told me this story the son on his return from Bulgaria. They really think that we’re ready to fight! I replied that Russia to attack anyone not going to.”

And indeed, that the Bulgarian student to ask the Russian, when he daily local Newspapers, radio and television tell us that Moscow “attacked Kyiv” that Russia is “threatening Europe’s security”, that the Russian “is about to go to war with Europe”? And nothing else from Bulgarian politicians and the media to not wait. Including because of the American presence in Bulgaria is growing like a weed.

So the conclusions that it is the Bulgarian government, is to be expected. In the report on the state of national security in 2016, as reported TASS, said that Russia has become one of foreign threats for Bulgaria. Now, this document was submitted for approval to the Bulgarian Parliament. But local media immediately announced triumphantly: “the First time a government document contains such sharp criticism of Moscow”.

“Russia’s actions are a source of regional instability and threaten our main goal — a United, free and peaceful Europe. Growing security threats not only in the Baltic and Black seas and in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, where Russia strengthens its military capabilities and increase military activity”, — emphasized in the report, which, by the way, signed by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.

But what about Russian-Bulgarian relations thinks the President of Bulgaria rumen Radev: “We should stop talking about Russia, and start talking with her. We need to establish a dialogue Russia —