A Palestinian shot and killed three Israelis in the West Bank

A Palestinian opened fire at the entrance to one of the Jewish settlements of the West Bank of the Jordan river and shot and killed three Israelis, one person was injured. On Tuesday, September 26, Reuters reported with reference to radio of the Israeli Army. The terrorist tried to infiltrate the settlement of har Adar, along with a group of Palestinian workers, and then opened fire on the armed Israeli police. It is noted that the assailant was also wounded. In July, a Palestinian stabbed three Israelis, entering a residential house in a Jewish settlement on the West Bank of the Jordan river. The incident occurred on the background of mass protests of the Palestinian Arabs due to the prohibition of Muslims under the age of 50 to come to the Friday prayer in al-Aqsa.

Published the preliminary results of the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan

In a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan more than 93 percent of voters supported independence of the region. On Tuesday, 26 September, reported RIA Novosti in the Higher independent Commission for elections and referendum in Kurdistan. It is reported that the result may change as the counting continues. It is noted that so far managed to handle about 9 percent of the ballots. In the plebiscite was attended by about 3.3 million people. The turnout, according to the Agency, made up 72,16% of the votes. 25 September in Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence. Against the holding of a plebiscite categorically Baghdad, Ankara and Tehran. Western countries have called on the authorities of the Iraqi Kurdistan region not to hold a plebiscite. In the United States stated that “the holding of a referendum in the disputed areas is a particularly provocative and destabilizing”. Iraqi Kurdistan is the unofficial name of

Refused to unlock your mobile Londoner was convicted of terrorism

A court in London found the head of human rights group Cage, guilty of “committing crimes of a terrorist nature”. On Tuesday, September 26, reports the Telegraph. The reason for this was the failure of Rabbani Muhammad to give police the password from the mobile phone and tablet. The man was detained in London’s Heathrow airport on 20 November 2016, but he did not fulfill the requirement of guards to unlock their devices. According to Rabbani, they contained confidential information. In the case if it fell into the hands of the police, it would be a violation of the inviolability of personal and professional life. The court Rabbani was released on parole and ordered him to pay about 620 pounds. The man is going to appeal against the court verdict.

The health Ministry said a further rise in excise taxes on tobacco

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia plans further gradual increase in excise duties on tobacco. This was during the third Armenian-Russian healthcare forum in Yerevan was declared by the Russian Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova, reports RIA Novosti. “Russia has been increasing the excise taxes on tobacco products and plans to continue their gradual increase,” she said. According to the Minister, also addressed the agreement on the harmonization of excise duties on tobacco products between the two countries. “We pay special attention to the raising of excise rates, as at present accepted that this is the most effective measure against Smoking. We also proposed to exclude the upper tolerance range of excise rates, as it will limit the possibility of increasing excise taxes individually by each state,” — said the Minister. She also said that the Ministry of health in framework of realization of state policy to reduce tobacco consumption in the

The first model of the Soviet satellite was sold at auction for $847,5 th

The first model of the Soviet satellite was sold at auction for $847,5 th The first model of the Soviet satellite “Sputnik-1” went under the hammer at British auction Bonhams to an anonymous buyer for $847,5 thousand Is almost five times higher than the starting price of the lot. At the auction of the British auction house Bonhams, which took place on Wednesday, September 27 in new York, sold the first model of the Soviet artificial Earth satellite “Sputnik 1” with the Czech radio Maj 620A, Tesla said on its website the auction house. Starting price of the lot amounted to $48 thousand Presale estimate of $150 thousand However the owner — he preferred to remain anonymous — suggested that the phone price is almost five times more. In the end, the auction house released rarity sold for $847, 5 thousand “Sputnik 1” is the first artificial satellite of the

Oxxxymiron will play the main villain in the film adaptation of Pelevin

Oxxxymiron will play the main villain in the film adaptation of Pelevin Rapper Oxxxymiron will perform one of the roles in the movie Empire V on the novel by Victor Pelevin. The announcement of the films posted on the YouTube channel of the musician on Wednesday, September 27. In the video the Director of bands, Victor Ginzburg (already filmed the book of Pelevin’s “Generation P”), talks about the trial. “I was looking for the main villain of his new film, and finally I found it. I want to present it,” says the filmmaker. Then the man next to him removes the mask, and it is Oxxxymiron. He will play Mitra. During the download an error has occurred.

Vasilyev urged to reduce the number of foreign languages in schools

Vasilyev urged to reduce the number of foreign languages in schools The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva made for the reduction in the number studying in schools of foreign languages. In her opinion, the program should write only one — English. She told about it on Wednesday, September 27, in an interview with RT. According to her, the Ministry plans to 2020 as an experiment to write the exam only one foreign language, and in 2022 to introduce this educational norm as binding. “If the school can take [the second language], this is nothing wrong, it is welcome, if the child can learn a second language: there are at this time, there is techniques, there’s teachers, there is the possibility of it. But I believe that it is better to know one foreign language, not having in this case a fraud and shapkozakidatelstvom” — said Vasilyev. From September

In the ROC attended the nationalization of the songs “eh, roads” and the “Dark night”

First Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Alexander Shchipkov has declared that the need to nationalize the song “Dark night”, “roads”, “Flying birds” and a number of other works created under the state order. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church on Wednesday, September 27, quoted by “Interfax”. Materials on теме00:05 — 14 MarchAt the restitution of women’s Licata known about the abbess Xenia Chernega, applying for building VNIRO “This issue is very serious and very complex from a legal point of view, but these pieces I have listed, and many others, we have to return into circulation,” said Tweaks in the meeting of the inter-faction group of the state Duma on the protection of Christian values. He explained the need for the nationalization of the fact that “today most of these songs, works we do not hear, because they have heirs, which

Eight-year-old girl died after falling from the statue in Voronezh

Eight-year-old schoolgirl died in the village Krasnolipje (REP district of the Voronezh region), torn from the statue, installed in the center located in the school fountain. On Wednesday, September 27, reported on the website of the investigative Department of the TFR in the region. After class, the girl climbed on the sculpture and began to shake her. At some point she slipped and fell, hitting his head on the concrete floor, ornamental pool, which at that time was not of water. From the received traumas the victim died at the scene. In fact the incident a criminal case under part 1 of article 109 of the criminal code (“Causing death on imprudence”). In February it was reported about the death of 14-year-old schoolgirl from Krasnoyarsk region, hit while riding on the hill. It was reported that the girl was injured in mid-December. Then she began to complain of pain in

Lawyer Barbara Karaulova told about her life in the colony and plans for the future

Varvara Karaulov Lawyer Sergei adamsin representing the interests of the barbarians Karaulova (Alexandra Ivanova), convicted for attempting to join a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG), told “Interfax” about her life in the colony and plans for the future. According to him, the girl working in the colony scrollsize, and decided remotely to continue his studies at the law faculty in criminal justice specialization. “The order of its admission is already and sent in a colony”, — he said, putting that learning Karaulova at the University “synergy”. As soon as the documents from the University will go to the colony, there will have to provide for her education, he added. The Moscow district military court sentenced Karaulov to 4.5 years in a General regime colony in December 2016. The sentence came into force on 22 March. Karaulov was arrested on 28 October 2015. She was 19 years old. By the