Lawyer Barbara Karaulova told about her life in the colony and plans for the future

Varvara Karaulov

Lawyer Sergei adamsin representing the interests of the barbarians Karaulova (Alexandra Ivanova), convicted for attempting to join a banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG), told “Interfax” about her life in the colony and plans for the future.

According to him, the girl working in the colony scrollsize, and decided remotely to continue his studies at the law faculty in criminal justice specialization. “The order of its admission is already and sent in a colony”, — he said, putting that learning Karaulova at the University “synergy”.

As soon as the documents from the University will go to the colony, there will have to provide for her education, he added.

The Moscow district military court sentenced Karaulov to 4.5 years in a General regime colony in December 2016. The sentence came into force on 22 March.

Karaulov was arrested on 28 October 2015. She was 19 years old. By the time of the arrest she changed her name and became the Alexandra Ivanova.

The girl was detained June 4, 2015 while attempting to illegally cross the Turkish-Syrian border. Together with her were taken into custody 13 citizens of Russia, who wanted to join ISIS. The criminal case against the student started only six months later. Karaulov said that he went to Syria to beloved and had not intended to participate in Jihad.