Golodets told about the program of construction of new schools within three years

Photo: RIA Novosti In the next three years in Russia will appear about 100 million new school places each year, the funding provided in the amount of 25 billion rubles each year, said Tuesday journalists Vick-Premier Olga Golodets. “In the year we expect about 100 thousand seats in 2018, 2019, 2020. And for us it is very important, because the new place is not just a new additional space, this new additional space the new generation,” — said Golodets. She noted that the program for construction of new schools, long-term and designed for the next 10 years. “Now pledged funding for this year is 25 billion and the following year incorporated 25 billion. In the budget, which is currently being prepared, there is annual funding in this amount,” — said Deputy Prime Minister. Speaking during the visit of the exhibition Build school dedicated to the construction of new schools, Golodets

The city was named the most dangerous country in the world

The city was named the most dangerous country in the world Tourists consider Turkey the most dangerous holiday destinations in the world. On Wednesday, September 27, reports TTG Asia. To such conclusion experts of the company IPK International, dedicated to research in the travel industry. They conducted surveys of tourists from different countries. The results of the study among the dangerous countries were also classified as (in descending order) Israel, Egypt and Tunisia. The most safe tourist destination by the respondents as Canada. The three leaders in this field also includes Switzerland and Australia. Completing the top 4 States of Scandinavia. They also found that 29 percent of respondents this year will go to travel abroad, but only in those countries that consider safe. In addition, 16 percent in General will refrain from foreign travel, or limited to holiday at home. In IPK International also said that with security issues,

Embarrassing questions about fashion. Where are the trends? Who determines what is fashionable and what is not? Who in all this dresses, it’s impossible to wear?!

Embarrassing questions about fashion. Where are the trends? Who determines what is fashionable and what is not? Who in all this dresses, it’s impossible to wear?! In September, in four cities — new York, London, Milan and Paris host fashion weeks where the world’s major designers show their new collections. These impressions set the trend for at least the next six months — all things from the podium will be in stores only in spring 2018, and not only in honey by the time their copy of the mass market. Runway fashion raises many questions: who is it who decides what is fashionable now why these things cost so much and what does it mean to be fashionable? At the request of “Medusa” to all these embarrassing (but really not) is a journalist and stylist Irina Dubina. What is fashion? This is some fancy stuff? Fashion is not only clothes,

Online found black double Jakubowicz

Online found black double Jakubowicz Microblogger Nikita Prokopov found the black “double” by Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich. He was joking on Twitter that seem to have stumbled upon the wrong version “Field of miracles”. I think I downloaded a wrong version of Fields of miracles pic.twitter.com/qF7r1qI8s9 — Nikita Prokopov (@nikitonsky) 26 Sep 2017 During the download an error has occurred. Hero image — the Vice-President and Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guyana Carl Greenig. On 26 September he spoke at the UN General Assembly for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons. Mustachioed politician quickly became a meme. Once Jakubowicz burned pic.twitter.com/vnGTcOoXf8 A tinge of pliers (@In3iGo) September 27, 2017 During the download an error has occurred. “Yakubovich went to the dark side,” suggests “Penguin one” on Twitter. Yakubovich since November 1991, has been leading the capital-show “Field of miracles”. Currently also runs a programme on the

The birth rate has prompted Kadyrov to ask for new Federal investments

High growth in the birth rate in Chechnya should be taken into account when preparing the budget, said the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak on Wednesday, September 27. About the meeting Kadyrov announced on his page in Instagram. “This growth in social spending — health, education and other, which must be considered when calculating the grants for leveling the budget”, — wrote the head of Chechnya. According to Kadyrov, Kozak assured him that the region will give full support. “He always had a great interest in the situation in Chechnya, is engaged in solving the arising tasks, so the conversation is fruitful,” — said Kadyrov. At the meeting, among other things, discussed the situation with the development of the real sector of economy, creation of conditions for maximum loading of existing production facilities and construction of new enterprises. The conversation

Fleeing from the guards stowaway fell from train and died

Passenger trains Vishny Volochok Tver died after falling from a train. About it “lente.ru” has informed the official representative of the Moscow interregional investigation Department of transport TFR Elena Markovskaya. The incident occurred early on Wednesday morning, September 27. The man of 1986 of a birth went without a ticket. In the Sanatorium he was approached by the supervisors and demanded to see the travel, but it is in the form of a foul declined. After this, the supervisors called the guards of the trains, who on arrival asked the troublemaker to cease to violate the order and to show passage. To comply with their demands the offender also refused, he lay on the passenger seat and began to beat off from protection of the feet. He then decided to escape and ran towards the front of the car. “Man, being in the coupler space, climbed through a rubber souffle

Man shot and killed son and daughter in Voronezh

In Voronezh criminal case upon death of the spouse, the body of which was found on the street in the private sector with gunshot wounds. To the crime suspected the father of the deceased male is 63-year-old local resident. On Wednesday, September 27, reported on the website of the regional investigation Department of the TFR. The suspect is not yet caught, the police are trying to track him down. He reckoned a crime under part 2 of article 105 (“Murder”) and part 1 of article 222 UK (“Illegal storage of firearms”). On the scene forensics. The investigators found that the deceased man was 39 years old, his wife is 37. As eyewitnesses told the publication, “RIA Voronezh”, the suspect started a fire after the murder. “About 10 o’clock I looked out the window and saw that the house is on fire, the fire was extinguished it. We went out on

At the airport of Magas robbed the terminal and all ATMs

At the airport of Magas robbed the terminal and all ATMs Moscow. September 27. INTERFAX.RU — Thieves stole all the money out of the ATM and terminal at the airport of Magas (Ingushetia), reported the Agency “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies of the region on Wednesday. “Early in the morning of 27 September, unknown persons entered the terminal building, by hacking stole all the cash out of their existing terminal and two ATMs and fled in an unknown direction,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the compromised machines were detected by airport officials around 9 am. The source noted that the size of the damage, the ATM and the terminal to receive payments is established. As have informed Agency “Interfax” in the press service of transport management Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on skfo, on the given fact criminal case under paragraph b of part

Explosions at an ammunition depot near Vinnitsa stopped

Explosions at an ammunition depot near Vinnitsa stopped KIEV, September 27. /TASS/. The Ministry of defense of Ukraine reported that the explosions at an ammunition depot near the village of Kalynivka in Vinnytsia region stopped over an hour ago. 12фотографий12фотографий12фотографий “According to the operational headquarters for elimination of consequences of emergency situation in Kalinovka, starting at 19:00 at the military Arsenal of the Armed forces of Ukraine did not hear any explosion. Isolated pockets of fire that could occur at the site, extinguished the fire from tanks”, — stated in the message Department. Meanwhile, the defense Ministry said that measures to eliminate the consequences of the fire continue, “is the explosive ordnance disposal work of the demining group”.

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription into the army of 134 thousand people

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription into the army of 134 thousand people Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription in October-December 2017 citizens on military service and about dismissal from military service of the citizens passing military service on an appeal. The document published on the official portal of legal information. “Implement from October 1 to December 31, 2017, the conscription of citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 27 in the amount of 134 thousand people”, — stated in the decree. In March of this year for military service were called to 142 thousand people. In October-December 2016 the number of recruits amounted to 152 thousand citizens. We will remind, in July the President signed a Federal law that prohibits to take to work in state agencies citizens, do not serve in the army. According to the document, to evade service in the army