In the ROC attended the nationalization of the songs “eh, roads” and the “Dark night”

First Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Alexander Shchipkov has declared that the need to nationalize the song “Dark night”, “roads”, “Flying birds” and a number of other works created under the state order. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church on Wednesday, September 27, quoted by “Interfax”.

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“This issue is very serious and very complex from a legal point of view, but these pieces I have listed, and many others, we have to return into circulation,” said Tweaks in the meeting of the inter-faction group of the state Duma on the protection of Christian values.

He explained the need for the nationalization of the fact that “today most of these songs, works we do not hear, because they have heirs, which require money to have these songs played on our radio and television,” and complained that “instead of these wonderful songs we listen to Frank hack-work”.

In September, the Moscow Patriarchate has proposed to establish a monopoly on the word “Orthodox” through amendments to the Federal law “On freedom of conscience and religious associations”. Not directly related to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) shall not have the right to use in their names the word “Orthodox”, stated in the canonical unit of the Church.