Programme of capital repair of houses and porches in the suburbs was considered successful

Moscow oblast is an example of successful synchronization of capital repairs of apartment buildings with the current repair of entrances, said Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services of Russia Andrey Chibis. His words are in the press release of the Ministry, arrived in edition “” on Thursday, September 14.

“If you [the regional authorities] are doing a major overhaul, it is correct, if the courtyard will be refurbished simultaneously with the overhaul of houses located in this yard and repair porches. It is necessary that all this was done as “turnkey”” said the Chibis at the IV all-Russian Congress of regional operators overhaul in Yekaterinburg. He stressed that the authorities of Moscow suburbs do well with this task.

In turn, the Minister of housing and communal services of the Moscow region Evgeny hromushin said that before the end of the year in the region it is planned to repair more than three thousand houses and about 32 thousand entrances. “The main objective of the programme — in the shortest possible time (two to three years) to bring the quality of life of our residents on a fundamentally new level. We plan to bring every entrance of the Moscow region, as an element of a comfortable environment, to the regulatory state”, — he stressed.

August 11, the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Dmitry Pestov said that in the region have already been renovated 10 thousand entrances of apartment houses. The cost of the Governor’s program this year will be about 5.9 billion rubles. Over the course of the repair inhabitants of some houses can watch online.

June 21, the main state housing inspector of the Moscow region Vadim Sokov said that most of the apartment buildings of the Moscow region was included into the regional program overhaul. Just mosoblasti more than 54 thousand apartment houses.