Have you ever seen Jim Carrey in a bad mood? Here is a rare chance

Have you ever seen Jim Carrey in a bad mood? Here is a rare chance

The comedian, obviously, was not like a secular party in new York.

In a new York hotel The Plaza Hotel last Friday was the party ICONS, organized by American Harper’s Bazaar. The event traditionally gathers representatives of fashion and art: visitors to, for example, was spotted Jared Leto, The Weeknd, Heidi Klum and, in particular, Jim Carrey. About the actor we want to talk: he suddenly moved himself in front of a reporter is not as expected from the guests social events.

Kerry clearly was determined not too friendly: it is evident from the way he is, clearly teasingly, circling around the reporter. But the real show began when he began to speak.

During the download an error has occurred.”I searched the meaningless party, and here I am, — said Kerry about one of the biggest parties this fall — admit it, it is absolutely meaningless.”

“We’re celebrating, we’re talking about icons — the people who can change the world, to be strong, to inspire others. You are one of them!”, — said the journalist.

“I don’t believe in icons. I don’t believe in personality. I believe that peace lies beyond personality, beyond the red S on your chest, which bounce off bullets. Deeper. It’s not our world. We don’t matter. And this is good news!” — cut actor, leaving the reporter speechless, then left.

During the conversation he also portrayed comedian Andy Kaufman, who played in the movie “Man on the moon” of 1999 year, only more than confused journalist.