In the ROC compared the RAM of the Yekaterinburg theater with the attack on Charlie Hebdo

The Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church issued a statement about the attack on the building of the cinema theatre “Kosmos” in Ekaterinburg, which occurred on Monday, September 4.

“The attack on the attempted arson at KKC Cosmos regarded as an unprecedented public dangerous act that deserves unconditional condemnation and punishment of those responsible, whatever their motives may have been,” — said in a statement.

It is also noted that mental illness Denis Murashov, the perpetrators of the attack, “does not give anyone the right to unreasonable relation between the position of the Orthodox community against the movie “Matilda” and similar criminal acts that jeopardize public safety, life and health of people.”

In an interview with the publication Bishop Sredneuralskaya Eugene (kulberg) indicated that the incident in Yekaterinburg similar to the situation with the attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo. “Constant provocations, not finding a decent reaction from the French authorities caused a crazy reaction, which led to tragic bloodshed. Fortunately, in Yekaterinburg people were not injured, but the conflict caused in society a provocative film, of course, remains. Moreover, in the centenary year of the tragic death of the Royal family to rent this film can generate further public mood,” he said.

On Monday morning, Denis Murashov car UAZ crashed into the building of the cinema “Space”. In the car he found three gas canisters and a barrel of unknown liquid. In the incident a fire broke out, its area was about 30 square meters. In fact the incident a criminal case under part 2 of article 167 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Deliberate damage of property committed by arson”).

In “Matilda” tells about the relationship of Nicholas Romanov (the future Emperor Nicholas II) and ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. The Premier is scheduled for October 6, but was postponed to 23. Orthodox activists repeatedly threatened to burn down the cinema, if they agree to show the ribbon, and the Director Alexey Uchitel has asked the interior Ministry and the FSB to protect spectators. The picture actively supports the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya claims that “Matilda” contains materials that may offend believers.

January 7, 2015 during an armed attack on the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris were killed 12 people, including 10 employees of the edition and 2 police officers. There were two assailants, they fired about 30 rounds from automatic weapons. In the basic version, the reason for the attack was the publication in the publication of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. The main defendants in the criminal case about the attack on the editor — brothers said and cheriffe Kuashi — were liquidated by the French police.