McDonald’s workers in Britain will strike

McDonald’s workers in Britain will strike

Moscow. September 4. INTERFAX.RU Workers in the UK will go on strike for the first time since 1974, when the company began to work in the country, protesting against low wages and lack of job security, writes The Guardian.

On Monday the strike will be attended by 40 employees of two McDonald’s in Cambridge and Crayford (a suburb of London).

As stated by one of the oldest trade unions of great Britain — Union of bakers, workers in the food industry and related professions, McDonald’s workers demand higher wages at least up to 10 pounds ($13), confidence in working time and recognition of trade Union membership.

McDonald’s in the UK actively using the contracts without specifying minimum working hours (zero-hours contracts): nearly 83 thousand, or three quarters of the staff network in the country, we work on the basis of such contracts. Such agreements increase the flexibility of personnel management for the employer, but creating significant opportunities for abuse and exploitation of employees.