Nine-year-old girl rescued two children from a fire in Dagestan

In the Dagestani village of Babayurt nine-year-old Milana Yusupov went into the burning apartment and brought her two children five and six years. This was reported by “Komsomolskaya Pravda in the North Caucasus,” the press service of the Republican Central Board MOE Wednesday, September 13.

The seventh-grader noticed a smoke which went from the second floor of the house, and then heard the voices of children screaming for help.

“I went to this house, although I was very much afraid, — said Milan. — Once inside, began to call girls. They heard me and came running. After that I grabbed their hands and rushed to the exit. So we raced until he was near my house.”

Date of incident, causes and consequences of the fire are not specified. It is known that a nine year old girl was on behalf of his mother to the neighbors to pick up some things.

The student will present the medal of EMERCOM of Russia at the festival “Constellation of courage”.

In may, an eight-year resident of Ugra saved peers who fell into the sewer with a depth of eight meters, he turned for help to an adult. Later the doctors said that the baby survived thanks to timely medical care rendered to him.

In March, for the award of the MOE has put forward a four-year-old girl from Tuva to Salgan Salchak. She went for four hours, eight kilometers through the forest in the freezing cold to find help a dying grandmother and blind grandfather.