Solovyov told about the beginning of the “channel wars” because of the jokes Urgant

Solovyov told about the beginning of the “channel wars” because of the jokes Urgant

Broadcaster “Russia 1” Vladimir Solovyov, said the conflict with Ivan Urgant joked on his show about “Nightingale droppings”. According to Solovyov, Urgant has behaved incorrectly and his antics “declared war” Solovyov and the TV channel “Russia 1”. Earlier Urgant announced a response to regular attacks Solovyov in connection with the infamous joke known only that it will happen on September 13. Solovyov, in turn, said that he “spit” that will make Urgant.

TV presenter of the channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Solovyov said that he “do not care” whether his colleague from the First channel Ivan Urgant reply to his remark after a mutual exchange of barbs.

I do not care. That’s his business, and not even his, and channel guides.Vladimir Solovyov, TV Presenter

Anchorman sure about a malicious joke Urgant about him and his programs on “Russia 1” could not know the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst. Solovyov said that his answer to the Urgant on air on Moscow was not. He also said that Urgant insulted the channel “Russia 1”, and it is incorrect.

The conflict between the anchors of the “First” and “Russia 1” has inflamed after the release of the next edition of the show “Evening Urgant” on 7 September. The theme of the program was a healthy lifestyle. In the Studio invited the blogger Irena Ponaroshku told the audience about proper nutrition and self care.

During the conversation the guest of the show invited the stars to put on the face brought her a mask, and when the master did it — said that it is Nightingale droppings.

“That’s a good name for the program on the channel “Russia 1”, — joked in response Urgant.

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Vladimir Soloviev is on the “Russia 1” the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. The trick Urgant left unanswered is the issue of 11 September, dedicated to the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”, Solovyov asked if Ivan Urgant in the database “Peacemaker”.