A suicide bomber blew himself up near the cricket stadium in Kabul

A suicide bomber blew himself up near a checkpoint at the gates of the cricket stadium in Kabul. On Wednesday, September 13, according to Reuters.

The exact number of victims is still unknown. Police said at least two dead. The attack occurred during a match. According to reports by Afghan media, none of the players suffered.

Responsibility for the attack yet no one picked up.

The last major attack in Kabul took place on 24 July. Then a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a private University and home of the Deputy head of the government of Afghanistan Mohammad Mechanika in the area, inhabited predominantly Shia. 24 people were killed, 42 were injured.

May 31, a powerful bomb exploded in Kabul, near the presidential Palace and Embassy buildings. According to preliminary data, the bomb was planted in a tanker for transportation of water. Killing 150 people, more than 400 were injured.