Evstifeev assumed the position of head of the Mari El Republic


RIA Novosti

Alexander Evstifeev, the winner of the early elections, on Thursday took office as the head of the Mari El Republic.

At the inauguration ceremony at the Palace of Congresses in Yoshkar-Ola was attended by members of the Republican government, heads of Executive and judicial bodies of state authority, heads of administrations of cities and districts of the Republic, representatives of the denominations, associations, honored workers of culture, science and art.

The ceremony of inauguration of the head of the Mari El Republic took place in the framework of the session of the state Assembly of the Republic.

The Chairman of the Republican Central election Commission Irina Tatarinov announced the election results and handed over to the elected the head a certificate of his election to this post. Then Evstifeev took the oath in Mari and Russian languages.

“I swear to faithfully serve the people, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Republic of Mari El, to protect them, to observe, to respect and protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to fulfill conscientiously entrusted to me high duties of the Head of the Mari El Republic”, — he said in the text of the oath.

According to the Constitution of the Republic, the head of the Mari El Republic takes office from the moment of taking the oath.

In April 2017, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed the head of the Republic Leonid Markelov, who had earlier resigned voluntarily. Later against the former head of the region opened a criminal case, he is accused of receiving a bribe of 235 million rubles. The position of the acting was appointed Evstifeev. Early presidential elections were held on 10 September. Evstifeeva supported 88,27% of the region’s residents, who came to the polls.