The Moscow metro is called the cause of failure on gray branch

Crashing on the southern segment of Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line of the Moscow subway happened because of a power surge. On Thursday, the Telegram reported on canal metro. “On Thursday, September 28, at 19:20 in the southern section of Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line has been a power surge that caused a failure in movement of trains. Because of a power surge triggered automatic protection system, which failed to quickly troubleshoot problems,” said there. The press service noted that to ensure the passage of passengers the gray line subway was organized by the movement 29 of the compensation buses. Currently, they continue to carry passengers, it is stated in the message. “All the stations of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line are operating normally, the movement of trains was restored and entered into the schedule”, — said the press service of the subway. Thursday night was suspended the movement of trains from station “Nagornaya” to the station “South”,

The deputies saw “Matilda” and revised its Outlook on Nicholas II

State Duma deputies called for Thursday, September 28, a private screening of a film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”, spectrometr paintings was organized after the request of members of the state Duma Committee on culture. Parliamentarians shared their opinions about the ribbon with TASS. “In Russia we have a wonderful, beautiful, well-played and well-staged film. I’m not a fan of Nicholas II, but after watching the movie I became nicer to him,” — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on culture Elena Drapeko. The first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on state building and law Mikhail Emelyanov said that “Matilda” is “wonderful” ribbon. “A movie should show, no prohibition can not be”, — said Emelyanov. The Chairman of the Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov told that I was trying to find where the film is indecent shape and some of the stories of

Who and why Russia forgives debts

Who and why Russia forgives debts The President of Russia Vladimir Putin meeting with President of Guinea alpha Conde recalled that Russia has written off more than 20 billion dollars in debt to African countries in the framework of the programme of assistance to the poorest countries of the world. Who and why Russia forgives debts, to understand the Russian service Bi-bi-si. “The initiative to assist the poorest countries with high debt off African countries debt in the amount of 20 billion dollars”, — Putin said. He also reminded that Russia in 2016 allocated to Africa, $ 5 million food needs. To write off Russia’s debts of African countries worth over $ 20 billion was said in 2012, the Director of the Department of international organizations Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Sergeyev at the UN meeting. Until 2008, Russia wrote off the African debts for another

Putin announced the creation of the conditions for ending the war in Syria

Putin announced the creation of the conditions for ending the war in Syria Moscow. September 28. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syria created the necessary conditions for ending the civil war, the final defeat of the terrorists and the return of refugees to their homes. “In fact, the necessary conditions for termination of the fratricidal war in Syria, the final destruction of the terrorists and the Syrians return to civilian life, to their homes”, — said Putin after talks with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “It is absolutely fundamental thing that is important, not only for the Syrian people, not only for the region but for the whole world: we create the conditions for return of refugees. Most important, we create the conditions to enhance the search process for a durable political settlement in Geneva under the auspices of the UN,” — said the Russian leader.

“We are ready to turn the page and move on”

“We are ready to turn the page and move on” U.S. Ambassador John Tefft told “Kommersant” about the “Embassy war” and other problems in relations with Russia. U.S. Ambassador John Tefft on Thursday completed the work in Russia and together with his wife Mariella, and I left Moscow. On the eve of departure to Washington, he told the correspondent of “Kommersant” Helen Chernenko what he has accomplished in office, what he regrets and what happened to him in the last two weeks. — With what feelings you leave Moscow? — I’m leaving with mixed feelings. I am proud that my team and I were able to carry out their work professionally, with dignity and respect even in those moments when towards us have behaved differently. I think that our Embassy is well represented not only in the negotiations with the Russian government, but also in the communication with the citizens.

Putin and Erdogan opened a Turkish-Russian talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan © Mikhail Klimentyev/press service of the Russian President/TASS ANKARA, September 28. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived on Thursday evening in the Palace of the President of the Turkish Republic. According to tradition, to meet the Russian leader at the residence of Erdogan was built a guard of honor. The President of Turkey, personally greeted his counterpart on the porch of the Palace. The heads of state shook hands. The two leaders have opened talks in an expanded format. The conversation held behind closed doors without the press. It is expected that the main topic will be coordination of actions in the areas of de-escalation in Syria.

The leader of the “Islamic state” was alive

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi The leader of the “Islamic state” (IG, an organization banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made an appeal to his followers. It published a propaganda resource of the group “al-Furqan”, according to a Telegram-channel 4 Directorate responsible for monitoring activities of terrorists. It is clarified that according to the affected in the speech of al-Baghdadi subjects, he is aware of what is happening in areas of armed clashes between members of the IG with government forces in Syria and Iraq. In particular, in the speech of the leader of ISIS mentioned the meeting of inter-Syrian negotiators “Astana-6”, held in mid-September 2017. In addition, al-Baghdadi discusses the threat of North Korea against the United States and Japan, which, coupled with the fact that Kazakhstan negotiations suggests that you record no more than two weeks. Also, the Caliph of ISIS, accuses the US of failing to counter growing Russian

In Libya discovered a new form of IG

In the Libyan desert are training camps of militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). This was reported by the senior Prosecutor of Libya, Sadiq al-sur, his words are reports Reuters. According to the official, in fact we are talking about the appearance of the “desert the army at the head of the Libyan militant al-Mahdi Salem the Dome, also known as Abu Barakat”. “It is composed of three teams. This army was created after the liberation of the city of Sirte [the government forces],” said al sur. On 23 August it was reported that the terrorists of ISIS attacked a checkpoint of the Libyan national army (LNA), 500 kilometers South of the capital, Tripoli. They beheaded nine soldiers and two civilians. In December 2016 the Libyan city of Sirte, the battle which lasted several months, was liberated from is militants. Sirte is the hometown

Iran threatened to pull out of nuclear deal

Mohammad-Javad Zarif Iran out of the nuclear deal in the case, if the conditions of the contract will refuse US. This was stated by the head of the foreign Ministry Mohammad-Javad Zarif, according to Reuters. “But for Washington it is better to continue to implement the agreement”, — said the head of the Iranian foreign Ministry. Sep 20 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, speaking at a session of the UN General Assembly, promised that the Republic would not be the first to break the nuclear deal, concluded in 2015. He stressed that in the event of breach by either party of Iran will act firmly and decisively. “It will be a pity if this agreement will go to pieces because of irresponsible novices in the world of politics: the world will lose a wonderful opportunity,” said Rouhani. In may, the President of the United States Donald trump demanded that Iran immediately

Putin: Orel region has made a unique contribution to the development of science and culture of the country

Photo: RIA Novosti Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the residents of the Orel region with the 80th anniversary of the region. The text of the congratulatory telegram posted on the official website of the Kremlin. “Your edge that gave the homeland of prominent writers and poets, scientists and engineers, military commanders and diplomats, have made a truly unique contribution to the strengthening of the state, the development of science, culture, public thought. It is gratifying that the tradition of constructive, creative work continues to the present generation of inhabitants of the region”, — said, in particular, in the telegram. The head of state stressed that among the key challenges facing the region, the modernisation of agriculture, the construction of new, modern highways, improving the social sphere, improving the quality of people’s lives. “And of course, the most responsible attitude is required for issues related to the environment, protection of natural

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