Near the borders of the DPRK, flew American bombers

The US air force bombers B-1B Lancer, followed by fighter, Saturday, September 23, flew in international airspace over the waters East of North Korea. About it reports Reuters with a reference to the Pentagon.

The flight is carried out shortly before the speech of the foreign Minister of North Korea ri Yong Ho at the UN, took place at the area of the demilitarized zone separating North Korea from the South, and further North than ever in the XXI century, said the Pentagon.

It is noted that thus was made “the demonstration of military capabilities available to the President Donald Trump”. “This mission is a demonstration of the determination of the US and a clear message that the President in the presence of many military options to defeat any threat,” — said the press Secretary of the Pentagon Dana white, calling the North Korean program of arms buildup “serious threat.”

“We are ready to use the full range of military capabilities to protect the U.S. and our allies,” she added.

Earlier, trump, speaking to supporters in Alabama, said that will deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, whom he contemptuously called “little missile”. He added that to take action on the DPRK had previous presidents of the United States. Prior to this, September 19, the President of the United States from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly has promised to “completely destroy” North Korea.

8 August, North Korea threatened to go on “physical actions” in response to the adoption by the UN security Council against new sanctions. After that, the Pentagon chief James Mattis threatened North Korea “with the death of the regime and the destruction of the people”.

The UN security Council against the DPRK adopted a series of sanctions for conducting nuclear and missile tests.