“Quiet neighbors”: in Michigan, sell house by the cemetery

“Quiet neighbors”: in Michigan, sell house by the cemetery

Resident of DeWitt (Michigan) Deborah Perrin decided to sell his house and asked the realtor Shane Broyles. Perrin warned the agent that the house there is a small nuance: it is across the street from the cemetery.

However, Broyles is not confused. In addition to a Billboard for a real estate Agency, announcing the fact that the house is sold, the realtor added a sign “quiet neighbours”, pointing to the cemetery.

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Broyles is told that this is the first time for sale at home, he uses jokes. According to the realtor, he was inspired by a story he told the grandparents — they knew the man who lived near the cemetery. “He only knew one joke: “Well, at least I have quiet neighbors,” concluded the agent.

Out if Broyles and Perrin to sell the house, is unknown.