Lady Gaga is sick with fibromyalgia. What is it?

Lady Gaga is sick with fibromyalgia. What is it? American singer Lady Gaga announced that she had chronic fibromyalgia. Patients with fibromyalgia suffer from chronic, usually symmetrical pain throughout the body. The disease is not fully understood, making it difficult to cure. The singer reported about it in Twitter. She said talks about her life with the disease in his latest documentary. “I want to help raise awareness and unite people that have it. We can all share stories about what helps and what hurts,” wrote Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga talked about the fact that living with chronic pain, even in 2013, but only now revealed the causes of this pain. 31-year-old singer performed at the Toronto film festival showing of her documentary “Gaga: five feet and two inches.” The film has already released in USA and will soon be shown in other countries. A post shared by xoxo, Gaga

Lonely Lee “Matilda”? Movies that caused protests

Lonely Lee “Matilda”? Movies that caused protests Before the release of the film “Matilda” is still more than a month, and passions around it rabovladelcheskim far beyond the film industry. We decided to recall what other films and for what reasons has caused an equally strong reaction. It is not surprising, perhaps, that the vast majority of cases, the causes of these were of a religious nature. “The last temptation of Christ” (Martin Scorsese, USA, 1988) In his character of the life of Christ Scorsese is quite far away from the gospel canons. Christ in the film succumb to the temptation of Satan, appearing before him as a beautiful child, sees a dream in which he marries Mary Magdalene and lives the life of an ordinary mortal. These derogations, and in particular a scene in which Jesus and Mary indulge in carnal love, provoked protests by various Christian organizations. Catholic

Media: died the oldest Panda in the world

Media: died the oldest Panda in the world Panda is a long-named Bass died at the age of 37 years, which is equivalent to 100 years of human life. BEIJING, September 14. /TASS/. The oldest giant Panda named Bass died in the territory of the research center in Fuzhou (East Fujian province) at the age of 37 years. On Thursday, reported Xinhua news Agency. “This age is equivalent to 100 years of human life”, – noted experts in an interview with reporters. According to them, the body of the animal will be placed in a special Museum, “built in honor of perpetuating the memory of the female bamboo bear, which became a symbol of the harmony relationship between nature and man.” As the doctors, for several months before his death Panda is a long-suffered from serious diseases, particularly liver cirrhosis and kidney failure. The world first learned about the Bass

Investigators said details of the incident in the center of Belgorod

Continuation: Tried to commit suicide in a Vermont man was caught on video Investigators confirmed that the incident on the Sobornaya square of Belgorod, one person was found dead and another is in the hospital. On Thursday, September 14, “the” said senior assistant head investigation Department of the TFR in the region of Elena Kozyreva. She said that the victim was a local resident born in 1983. It is estimated that around 12:00 on the Central square of the city drove the car, the driver pulled out of the trunk of the body of a man and tried to commit suicide. Eyewitnesses called an ambulance, made a suicide attempt residents of the district in 1952 was hospitalized. As explained “” a source in law enforcement bodies, the basic version happened — murder during a quarrel. The presence of friendship or kinship ties between men are established. Survivor testimony can

Media reported about the capture of Pskov Communists hostage

Sergei Fedorov and Dmitry Mikhailov Law enforcement authorities detained four members of the Pskov branch of the Communist party when they came to the territorial electoral Commission (TEC) of Pskov for Deputy mandates. On Thursday, September 14, informs “the Pskov province” with reference to the policy is Alexey Malov. According to him, arrested Alexander Baev, Dmitry Mikhailov, Sergei Fedorov, Alexander Timofeyev, and the representative of the TEC with the right of Advisory vote Mikhail Mikhailov. According to the detainee Dmitry Mikhailov, the police summoned the Chairman of LIC Vladimir Krotov. “Instead of us his [temporary certificate of the Deputy of the] issue, the Chairman of LIC of Pskov Vladimir Krotov went outside and called law enforcement accusing us to capture him as a hostage”, — quotes its “Pskov news line”. Communist suggested that this is done not to allow them to participate in the session of the city Duma of

North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan into the Pacific ocean

North Korea launched a missile that flew over Japan into the Pacific ocean Drop objects on the territory of the country and of the damage to the courts is not fixed. TOKYO, September 15. /TASS/. The DPRK on Friday conducted another launch of a ballistic missile that flew over Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in the Pacific ocean. This was announced by the Japanese government, through the emergency warning system, J-Alert. In connection with the missile launch in the North East of Japan has urged to take shelter in sturdy buildings and basements. In addition, they are asked to inform the police about the possible fall of rocket debris. Launched North Korean rocket fell roughly 2,000 km to the East of Cape Erimo in Hokkaido. This was stated on Friday at an emergency press conference, the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga. “The missile flew over

In Ukraine, explained the decision to deepen the bottom of the sea of Azov

In Ukraine, explained the decision to deepen the bottom of the sea of Azov Ukraine intends to carry out dredging works in the sea of Azov in order to improve the conditions of passage of ships to port of Mariupol. About it as reports UNN, in his Facebook said the head of the Mariupol port Alexander Oleynik. “It will support the passport depth, in a timely manner to fulfill contractual obligations, he explained. For support in the dredging of the Azov sea Oleynik thanked the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian. During the download an error has occurred. The decision on carrying out dredging works in the area of the Azov sea was adopted on 13 September by the Ukrainian government. To do this, from the Black sea in the Azov Ukraine will transfer the country’s only icebreaker “Captain Belousov” and a suction dredger “Meotida”. In

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