Poklonskaya revealed details of a meeting with the Teacher


RIA Novosti

State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya told about his meeting with Director Alexei Uchitel after the appearance in the media, photos of them together.

According to Poklonski, meeting with the Director took place on 12 June in the Kremlin on the occasion of the celebrations in honour of day of Russia.

“Then the picture was taken by one of the guests, which is irrelevant to the journalists has. My question is, why does he our picture, he joked. Now I understand why. At that moment, he called himself paparazzi”, she said in conversation with kp.ru.

The Deputy noted that the meeting with the Creator of the movie “Matilda” took place about half an hour.

“He once again called me to look at the picture (“Matilda”. — RT), and I told him that I will not do that, because I have the conclusion of the examinations,” she said.

As reported Poklonski, she asked Alexei to give Teachers watch the movie the experts, but was refused.

Further, she said, talking about the financing of the film.

“When we are talking about it, the Teacher became very nervous and said that we have nothing more to say that I threatened him and he left,” — said the Deputy.

Earlier in the network page, TASS in Facebook published a photo of the meeting Polonskaya and Teachers, which took place in June.