The conservation status of snow leopard changed from “endangered” to “vulnerable”

The conservation status of snow leopard changed from “endangered” to “vulnerable”

The international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) announced a change in the protected status of the snow leopard (snow leopard) from “endangered” to “vulnerable.”

The organization said that in some parts of the habitat of the snow leopard, the situation has improved (also thanks to anti-poaching), however, the species continues to decline and leopards are still threatened with extinction.

According to recent years, will live from four to ten thousand snow leopards, reports the Associated Press. The species is considered endangered, if the wild live less than two and a half thousand adults, says the Agency.

On 14 September the IUCN made a number of announcements — including recognized extinct one species of bats that lived on the Australian island of Christmas. The last known representative of the species disappeared in August, according to the message.

IRBIS — species of cat from the genus Panther. The snow leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia — including southern Siberia, the Pamirs and in the Himalayas. They are listed in the Red book of Russia.