In Colombia, crashed a cargo Boeing 727

In Colombia, crashed a cargo Boeing 727 MEXICO city, 21 Dec — RIA Novosti. Cargo plane Boeing-727 crashed on Tuesday evening in Columbia, three people were killed. According to El Tiempo, the tragedy occurred after take-off the liner of Aerosucre from the airport of Puerto carreño, he flew to the capital Bogota. On Board were six crew members. Three were killed and two were injured, one person yet to be found. On the site of the crash caused a fire that sent firefighters calculations. About the causes of the tragedy have not yet been reported. BREAKING: a Boeing 727 cargo plane crashes in eastern Colombia, reports of survivors — BNO News (@BNONews) 21 December 2016

General Director of “Mail of Russia” will hold for six months

General Director of “Mail of Russia” will hold for six months Dmitry Strashnova extend the contract. As it became known “Kommersant”, the government instructed the Minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov to extend the employment contract with the General Director of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry strasnoy, which in autumn have any questions of the Prosecutor General, until July 1, 2017. Upon expiration, can be considered the replacement of the company’s management – the fate of the General Director, according to sources, “b” depends on “results, which he will show.” Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has recently urged Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolai Nikiforov to conclude a new employment contract with General Director FGUP “Mail of Russia” Dmitry strasnoy, told “Kommersant” a source in the government. The term of the employment agreement of Mr. Strashnov — six months, the Minister must report to Arkady Dvorkovich concluded by Dmitry Strasnoy the

The United States expanded sanctions against Russia

The United States expanded sanctions against Russia The list has expanded to seven individuals, eight organizations, as well as tankers “Marshal Zhukov” and “Stalingrad”. MOSCOW, 20 Dec — RIA Novosti. The United States expanded its anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the situation in Ukraine, reads the statement of the U.S. Treasury. The list has expanded to seven individuals, including restaurateur Eugene Prigogine and six top-managers of Bank “Russia”, ADB Management and Sobinbank (part of a group of Bank “Russia”). In the release, the Finance Ministry noted that we are talking about Cyril Kovalchuk, Dmitry Lebedev, Dmitry Mansurov, Michael KLISHIN, Oleg Minaev and Michael Dedova. See alsothe European Union extended sanctions against Russia until July 31 In addition, the list includes eight organizations and two tankers “Marshal Zhukov” and “Stalingrad”. Four companies made the list because they work in the Crimea, four more appeared in the list for providing “material, financial

North Korea has rejected the demand for NATO to abandon missile and nuclear programs

Kim Jong-UN North Korea rejected the statement of NATO, which has demanded Pyongyang to abandon its missile and nuclear programs. This is stated in the statement of the KCNA, quotes of which leads TASS. North Korea has caused confusion is the fact that NATO, “the official whose function is to ensure security in the North Atlantic region, poking his nose into the Affairs of the Korean Peninsula”. As noted in Pyongyang, proposing such a requirement, “NATO proved that this military-political bloc has become a puppet of the United States”. In addition, in the opinion of management of the DPRK, “it plays into the hands of the South Korean regime of Park Geun-Hye, who is living its last days.” The statement highlights the “complete incompetence” of NATO strategists in the Affairs of the Korean Peninsula. “This organization is now playing the role of a tool that undermines international peace and security,”

Kadyrov called the article in the NY Daily News about the murder of Charles the support of terrorism

Ramzan Kadyrov The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov commented on the article writer Gersh of Kuntzman in the New York Daily News about those killed in Ankara after Russian Andrei Karlov. In his Instagram, he expressed the opinion that the author of the publication “plain text justifies and applauds” the crime and “glorify a murderer”. Thus, in his words, “neither the author of the libel Kuntzman nor the editor of the newspaper not feel guilty”. “This is an unprecedented arrogance, lack of the slightest signs of compassion for human grief, public support of terrorism”, — said Kadyrov. 21 Dec material Kuntzman criticized the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. She drew attention to the incorrectness of the comparison a journalist for the murder of a Russian diplomat with the murder of the Ambassador of the Third Reich Ernst vom Rath, who in 1938, shot by a Jewish student.

The withdrawal of fighters from Aleppo will be completed in the next few hours

The evacuation of insurgents and their families from the Eastern regions of Aleppo to be completed in the next few hours. It is reported TASS with reference to the government television station “al-Ihbariya”.   It is noted that the evacuation should have been completed earlier, but the heavy snowfall was the reason for the delay of the withdrawal of the militants and their families from Aleppo. After the last of the fighters will be withdrawn from the Eastern neighborhoods, the city will come under the control of government forces.   According to the broadcaster, over the last few days from Aleppo were put about 15 thousand fighters and their families. A special operation is under the supervision of international observers.   Derived from Aleppo, the militants and their families will be put in buses and taken to the province of Idlib and the Turkish border. Things from them a little,

The number of victims of explosion in the market of fireworks in Mexico has reached 29 people

The number of victims of explosion in the market of fireworks in Mexico has reached 29 people Fireworks flew in different directions, even reaching the Parking lot. Destroyed about 290 stores out of 300. 18фотографий18фотографий18фотографий MEXICO city, 21 Dec — RIA Novosti. The death toll in the explosion of pyrotechnics in the market town of Tultepec in Mexico has risen to 29 people, said on Tuesday on a press-conferences the Governor of the state of Mexico, Avila Erubiel. Earlier, the state attorney Alejandro Gomez officially confirmed the deaths of at least 26 people. According to Avila, that 26 people were killed at the scene and another three died later in hospitals. The total number of injured Avila was estimated at 72 people. The Governor assured that the funeral of the victims will be carried out through local authorities. Alcalde de #Tultepec, Portugués Armando Fuentes, informa que hubo muertos por 13

The interior Ministry predicted the increase in the price of cigarettes up to 220 rubles per pack

The interior Ministry predicted the increase in the price of cigarettes up to 220 rubles per pack A pack of cigarettes in 2017 could rise to 220 rubles. On Wednesday, December 21, write “Izvestia” with reference to dated December 8 letter to the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Arkady Gostev, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets Sergey Ryabukhina. It said that the reason for the price increase, the next increase in excise duties on tobacco products next year. “Currently, the minimum rate of excise duty is 1680 rubles per thousand cigarettes, it is planned to increase up to 2123 rubles. Thus, the price of cigarettes may be about 220 rubles for a pack”, — the document says. When accessing notes that were taken into account only the increase of the excise tax, no additional factors were not considered. However, the

Putin urged to timely reveal the enemy’s plans against Russia

Putin urged to timely reveal the enemy’s plans against Russia MOSCOW, 20 Dec — RIA Novosti. Disclosure of any hostile plans against Russia is of great importance in the security services, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Of critical importance is the timely opening of any enemy plans against Russia, no matter where they come from. It is also necessary to consolidate the gains achieved in recent years in the opposition and foreign intelligence (let’s not forget about it), those services continue to attempt to access information of a political, military, economic and scientific nature,” said Putin at the ceremony of security officers in the Kremlin. “Under the permanent control must be located and combating corruption, combating crimes in the sphere of economy, the reliable protection of state borders, ensuring the smooth operation of the system of state management and communication”, — he added. The President also urged workers of state

“Izvestia”: Viktor Bout makes a case to the U.S. Supreme court

Viktor Bout © Personal archive of Alla Bout/TASS MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Viktor Bout, who is serving a prison sentence in the United States, has decided to appeal the ruling of the court of appeals for the second circuit in new York in the U.S. Supreme court. About it in interview to the newspaper “Izvestia” said the lawyer Russians Alexey Tarasov. In addition, as specified, will be filed with the request of the American side for the return bout at home on the Strasbourg Convention of 1983 on the transfer of sentenced persons to the country of his nationality.