You need to go to court – the chief editor of “R-Sport” about moving the world Cup of bobsleigh and skeleton of Russia

Politicized and have no relation to sports said the decision of the International Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton to move the championship from Sochi chief editor of “R-Sport” Vasily Konov. So the expert commented on the situation of the site. In his opinion, no claims for the preparation of the world championship in Sochi , the Federation was not before.   “The sledge-bobsleigh track in Sochi is one of the best in the world – was ready for the Olympic games, respectively, but I also no it could not be from the International Federation. Talk about the fact that representatives of Korea and the Baltic States is ready to boycott the tournament – this is likely a question for the individual athletes, and not to the host country”, – he said.   In taking this decision, the international Federation of bobsleigh and skeleton need to understand what it means, the

The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul has increased to 38

The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Istanbul has increased to 38 On Saturday night two explosions thundered in the heart of Istanbul: the first occurred near the football stadium “Vodafone arena”, the second bomb was powered in the city Park of maçka. The victims were 38 people, more than 150 were injured. How do you think the Turkish government, the attack may be involved in the country banned Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK). In the investigation of the incident has been detained 13 persons. 6фотографий6фотографий Two explosions were recorded on 10 December at about 22:30. The first was remotely detonated a car bomb next to bus police officers at the stadium “Vodafone arena” after the match “Besiktas” and “Bursaspor”. After that, a suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a Park Macka. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said that the explosions occurred with a difference in 45

Media: French doctor accidentally found a picture of da Vinci for €15 million

Media: French doctor accidentally found a picture of da Vinci for €15 million Experts have found that this work was executed between 1482 and 1485 years. MOSCOW, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. The figure of Leonardo da Vinci at a cost of 15 million euros was accidentally discovered in Paris, reports the Telegraph. It is reported that in March, the French doctor retired, who wished to remain anonymous, brought the auction house Tajan stack of drawings that belonged to his father, who lived in Central France. Employee of the auction house, Teddy Prat noticed among 15 figures, the image of Saint Sebastian, tied to a tree. The drawing was made with ink. Experts have found that this work is from the pen of Leonardo da Vinci and was painted between 1482 and 1485 years. Heart-pounding discovery of rare Leonardo da Vinci drawing of Saint Sebastian — The Art

The ninth UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres sworn in

The ninth UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres sworn in UN 12 Dec — RIA Novosti, Olga Denisova. António Guterres sworn in as Secretary-General of the United Nations. The official ceremony took place at the meeting of the General Assembly of the world organization on Monday. UN General Assembly approved October 13, antónio Guterres to the post of Secretary General of the organization, the ninth head of the United Nations will take up office on 1 January 2017. After the election, Guterres visited a number of world capitals including London, Paris, Beijing, Washington. In Moscow in November, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Guterres, from 1995 to 2002, he served as Prime Minister of Portugal from 2005 to 2015 — the UN high Commissioner for refugees.

Putin discussed with Merkel the purchase of Russian gas by Kiev and the situation in Syria

© Alexey Nikolsky/TASS MOSCOW, December 13. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed by telephone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the situation around Russian gas supplies to European consumers through the territory of Ukraine, as well as the situation in Syria. This was reported by the press service of the Kremlin. The leaders agreed to intensify bilateral contacts.

Churkin spoke about the export of fighters from Aleppo by bus

Vitaly Churkin Special representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that remaining in Eastern Aleppo militants in the coming hours will be asked to leave the city by bus. His words RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, December 13. “According to my latest information, indeed, an agreement was reached that the militants will leave the city, so it’s almost the end” — said Churkin before the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Agency sources in Ankara said that everyone, both armed and civilians, will take out the opposition-controlled city of Idlib. Representatives of the group “Ahrar al-sham” have confirmed this information, but said that to get people to be in the Western and Northern part of the province of Aleppo. UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, in turn, urged Moscow and Damascus to let everyone civilians to leave the city. “In the last days and hours we see the best

Putin discussed with Merkel the transit of gas through Ukraine

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As reported on the website of the Kremlin, during the conversation held on the initiative of the German side, the leaders continued the discussion of the situation around Russian gas supplies to European consumers via Ukraine. Putin once again expressed concern at the fact that the Ukrainian side refuses negotiation of agreements on gas purchases from Russia in the current winter season, which poses a threat to transit. The interlocutors noted the necessity of intensifying the efforts for a comprehensive implementation of the Minsk agreements. Putin stressed that in the current environment requires, above all, “termination by the Kyiv security forces of the provocative shelling of settlements of Donbass, the withdrawal of socio-economic blockade of the region and the establishment of a direct dialogue of Kyiv with Donetsk and Lugansk”.

The regions do not hurry with the resettlement of emergency housing

Photo: Yevgeny Kurskov / Kommersant By December 1 the resettlement program of emergency housing established prior to 1 January 2012, completed 60.3 percent — about this “Kommersant” reported, the Ministry of construction. Recall, the program started in 2014 and will end on 1 September 2017, regions have to settle for 4.4 million sq m of dilapidated housing. The figure of 2016, according to Fund of assistance to development of housing (housing Fund), made 51.5%. Earlier claims to the implementation of the program was presented to the audit chamber (SP), which found that by October the annual rate for 2016 was made only 33.6%. The Fund assure that the settlement goes according to plan — the order of the Ministry of construction approved the interim indicators that by the end of the first quarter must be settled 5% of the annual plan, by the end of the second — 25%, by

The calculations of the “Shells” had the shooting in front of the intercession on combat duty in Siberia

Share {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’) || ’00:43′}} {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘mm:ss’) || ’00:43′}} {{qualityItem | uppercase}} HD .mp4 High quality SD .mp4 Medium quality AU .mp3 (680.54 KB) Audio track © Press-service of the CVO/TASS EKATERINBURG, December 13. /TASS/. Calculations antiaircraft missile-gun complexes (zrpk) “Pantsir-S1”, first entered service in the Central military district held live firing at the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region, after which it will travel to Novosibirsk oblast. On Monday said the assistant commander of the CVO Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin. “Settlements systems “Carapace-C1″, entered service in the Central military district held live firing at the Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan region. The gunners struck by the speed of the target in conditions of electronic countermeasures the day and night in adverse weather conditions,” said the officer.

The Russian defense Ministry called the Directors of staging shootings in Syria

Special TV groups of militants were engaged in staged shooting of the alleged “Russian bombing” and “executions” in Syria, said the official representative of the defense Ministry major-General Igor Konashenkov.   According to him, the footage used in the broadcast without checking, some Western media.   The official representative of the Ministry of defence was advised not to believe the propaganda of terrorists.   At the same time, Russian engineers have not yet found any hospitals or schools that would function with the militants for its intended purpose. According to him, they are used as points of concentration of terrorists, ammunition depots and workshops for the production of missiles. Photo: Alexey Ivanov / TRK “Star”