The regions do not hurry with the resettlement of emergency housing


Yevgeny Kurskov / Kommersant

By December 1 the resettlement program of emergency housing established prior to 1 January 2012, completed 60.3 percent — about this “Kommersant” reported, the Ministry of construction. Recall, the program started in 2014 and will end on 1 September 2017, regions have to settle for 4.4 million sq m of dilapidated housing.

The figure of 2016, according to Fund of assistance to development of housing (housing Fund), made 51.5%. Earlier claims to the implementation of the program was presented to the audit chamber (SP), which found that by October the annual rate for 2016 was made only 33.6%. The Fund assure that the settlement goes according to plan — the order of the Ministry of construction approved the interim indicators that by the end of the first quarter must be settled 5% of the annual plan, by the end of the second — 25%, by the end of the third — 40%. The major load (60%) at the end of the year. At the current rate of settlement, say in the housing and utilities Fund, and given the fact that “the bulk of new housing in operation is in December, with a high degree of probability to assume that in 2016 will be achieved”.

Now, according to the Ministry of construction, chronically behind schedule eight regions — they have not fulfilled the plan of 2015. The chamber had previously identified ten regions who did not start the task of 2016, is the Amur, Ivanovo, Saratov, Tver, Tula region, Republic of Dagestan, Karelia, Komi, Tyva and TRANS-Baikal region. Among the problems — the shortage of funds in the regions, at the end of the third quarter it was estimated at 5.2 billion rubles in 14 regions. In 2017, according to forecasts of casualities, lack of funds may account for 21.9 billion rubles in 34 regions. This year the problem is not fully resolved — the Ministry of construction reported that by 1 December, the shortfall fell to 2.4 billion rubles, to Hold a “reliable estimate of the sufficiency of funds” regions for 2017 will possibly in January-while, according to the Ministry, forecast the deficit fell to 7.7 billion rubles For assistance to the regions in the draft budget 2017 provides RUB 5.2 billion.

In parallel, continue to increase the amount of emergency housing established after 2012 (not subject to settling),– now it is 8.2 million sq. m. According to SP, only for the last three months the volume of such a Fund grew by 4.3%, and the resettlement of the estimated regions, would cost 420 billion rubles.

Eugene Kryuchkov