Specialists of the armed forces flew into Syria for clearance Aleppo

A detachment of the International mine action centre of the armed forces flew to Syria to defuse the liberated from terrorists areas of Aleppo, reported the defense Ministry.   Military personnel composite unit, a mine action centre passed the necessary instruction and practical lessons for humanitarian demining in the suburban Nakhabino. After that, they went from the airfield Chkalovsky base on the Russian VKS in Hamima on the aircraft of the military transport aviation.   The bomb squad is a fully Autonomous unit, it is equipped with modern means of mine clearance and protection, and life support systems. The squad, in addition to demining units, included the canine unit mine detection dogs. Video: Russian Defense Ministry

In the US the police returned to jail committed a “classic escape”

In the US the police returned to jail committed a “classic escape” MOSCOW, 1 Dec — RIA Novosti. Police us state of California was returned to prison the last of the prisoners, with the inmates who managed to make a classic escape with a jigsaw and the rope of clothes. The incident occurred on the night of November 25 in the penitentiary of the County of Santa Clara. Four prisoners escaped by the classical scheme: first they sawed off the bars of the window of his cell, and then descended from the third floor of the prison building on an improvised rope of sheets and clothes. Out of the window of the fugitives noticed one of the patrolmen raised the alarm. But the guards immediately managed to arrest only two of the four escapees. Rogelio Chavez is back in custody! #captured pic.twitter.com/ol4R6T97O2 — SantaClaraCoSheriff (@SCCoSheriff) December 1, 2016. During the

In social networks massively complained of “Mail of Russia”

In social networks massively complained of “Mail of Russia” Network users massively complained that “Mail of Russia” has ceased to send the notification about the parcel with track number. Twitter users from Moscow were indignant with that on the company’s website did not publish any information about the cancellation of the notification. Apparently, employees of public companies limited by ads plastered on the entrances of houses. They say that the parcel with the track number you want to track yourself as more notification will not be delivered. Here is the ad hanging in my entryway. And it is in Moscow. Looks great on the background of huge bonuses hand-La Mail of Russia ( 95 million). pic.twitter.com/eYDnbGeFSe — Nikolay Lyaskin (@nlyaskin) December 1, 2016. The situation drew the attention and users from other cities of Russia. So, users from Saratov and Samara said that they also stopped email notifications. “We in

Trump has threatened U.S. companies transferring production abroad

Trump has threatened U.S. companies transferring production abroad WASHINGTON, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The US President-elect Donald trump, who invested 20 Jan, promises that U.S. companies will no longer be “without consequences” to leave the country to do business abroad. “The company will no longer leave the US without consequences. This will not happen. We are losing so much!” said trump, speaking in Indianapolis (Indiana). Speech of the elected President of the American broadcast TV channels. See alsoExperts: trump’s decision to withdraw from the TPP are unlikely to return jobs “They (companies) need to know that, first, we’ll be good to handle them, and, secondly, what will be the consequences (if they are transferred to a business abroad). In the sense that the border will be very high taxes,” said trump, referring to the tax for goods manufactured outside the United States. According to him, to save manufacturing in

Lavrov said about the lack of understanding of the reasons for the continuing military operation of Kiev in the Donbass

© EPA/SERGEY VAGANOV ROME, 2 Dec. /TASS/. The Russian side does not understand the reasons for the continuation of the authorities of Ukraine the so-called anti-terrorist operation conducted against the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. This was stated Friday by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at the international conference “the Mediterranean: Roman dialogue.”

The FSB praised for preventing cyber attacks on Russia

Leonid Slutsky The head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky in an interview with “Tape.ru” on Friday, December 2, praised the actions of the Russian secret service for the prevention of cyber attacks, the aim of which was to become the largest banks in the country. “All this is an extremely dangerous situation — honor and praise to our security forces that they have the situation managed to diagnose, identify and pre-empt,” said Slutsky. He reminded that such situation could lead to at least partial collapse of the Russian financial system. In addition, he recalled that the network contains a significant amount of confidential information not only banks, but also sectoral departments. According to the Deputy, it is necessary “at the most serious level” to oppose action against Russia in the information field, in cyberspace and in other areas. Earlier on Friday, the Chairman of the state

Congress has banned military cooperation between the U.S. and Russia

The house of representatives approved on Friday, 2 December, a draft defense budget for 2017, which, in particular, imposes a ban on military cooperation with Russia. The document was supported by 375 congressmen voted against 34. The bill forbids to allocate funds for military cooperation between Washington and Moscow until such time as the Pentagon in coordination with the U.S. Department of state notifies Congress that Russia stopped “occupation of the territory of Ukraine and the aggressive actions that threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and members of NATO.” The document also imposes a ban on funding any activities that recognize Crimea as part of Russia. At the same time he admits the removal of restrictions, provided that the Pentagon will convince Congress of the necessity of this step in the national interest of the United States. In addition, the bill provides for the allocation of $ 4.3

Trump scared diplomats around the world

Donald trump has barely begun to duties as scared diplomats in the U.S. and around the world: according to The New York Times, last week the President-elect held a series of telephone conversations in which not only demonstrated their ease of communication, but also violated diplomatic Protocol.   In particular, the billionaire hoped to visit Pakistan – the country that Barack Obama avoided all eight years of his reign. And British Prime Minister Theresa may trump patronizingly said: “Let me know if you are going in the United States.”   In addition, trump said that the British Ambassador to the US, he would like to see the chief ideologist of Brexit, the leader of anti-immigration policies Nigella Faraj.   “The President-elect Donald trump inherited a complicated world, winning elections last year. And then he made a series of the unchained calls to world leaders, forcing nervous diplomats in the U.S.

Near Magadan vandals desecrated the monument by Ernst Neizvestny

Near Magadan vandals desecrated the monument by Ernst Neizvestny MAGADAN, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Shcherbakova. Magadan police began checking on the fact of desecration of the monument by Ernst Neizvestny “the Mask of sorrow”, dedicated to the victims of political repressions, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Magadan region. “On the monument to the memory of victims of political repression red spray paint wrote: “Stalin is alive”. Also on the monument drawn star. Ministry of internal Affairs of the region on this fact being tested, the results of which will be a procedural decision”, — said the Agency interlocutor. The monument of innocent victims and fallen victims of political repressions in 1930-50-ies of the “Mask of mourning” opened on 12 June 1996, on the Steep hill near Magadan. At the foot of the hill before there was “tranzitka” —

“I did everything to fulfill the duty.” Victory and defeat of Marshal Zhukov

“I did everything to fulfill the duty.” Victory and defeat of Marshal Zhukov December 1, 1896 was born the Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov. “Hello, uncle Misha” XX century in Russian history was contradictory, full of grandiose disasters and the greatest of victories, examples of high humanism and brutality. Chief commander of the country in this century became a person as controversial as the history of the country. The identity and actions of Georgy Zhukov will cause fierce debate for many decades, and is unlikely ever to be reduced to a common denominator.Video120 years ago, was born Georgy Zhukov The future Marshal of the Victory was born on 1 December (new style) 1896 in the village Strelkovka Maloyaroslavetskiy district, Kaluga province into a peasant family of Konstantin artemyevitch Zhukov. About a great career for the son of parents never dreamed of. When George graduated three classes of parochial