Serbian police stopped the carriage 77 illegal migrants in the EU

Serbia: police arrested three people on suspicion of transportation of illegal migrants through the territory of the country. About it reports Reuters. Two were arrested in the Central part of Serbia: they were trying to drive to the Hungarian border 36 people from Afghanistan and Mali, hiding them in the trunk of the minivan. A few hours later nearby, police intercepted a truck with German numbers, in a container which showed 41 migrant. The driver, a Serb by nationality, was also arrested. Until March 2016, the so-called “Balkan route” of smuggling of migrants to Europe through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia are considered to be core. However, once the EU has signed a deal with Turkey, promising in exchange for the overlap of the transit refugees money and a number of political concessions, and bordering with Serbia the country has erected on the borders of fences, the flow was thought to

Lawyer sooshie on the investigation of the beating trying to open a BMW Muscovite

Metropolitan police conducts pre-investigation checks on the fact of beating Muscovite victim for trying to remove the cardboard that covers the room parked in the wrong place on the BMW. As reported on Monday, December 26, RIA Novosti, this was stated by the lawyer of the victim, Ilona Tsilurik. According to her, four days since the incident, and called the police. In this regard, the lawyer admitted that in fact the case had not been investigated. However, Tsilurik stressed that the preliminary examination may continue up to a month, and so now could be solved a question on excitation of criminal case. Also Ilona, Zyloric reported details of the incident. According to her, 22 Dec Arthur Boyko on the way home noticed on the carriageway of the street Malaya Bronnaya several cars parked in the wrong place. One of them, a BMW, was closed room. The man bent down to

Newspaper Bild suggested, as Russia and USA will decide the question of the Crimea

Photo: EPA/TERJE BENDIKSBY Former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger will develop for the elected President of Donald trump’s plan to normalize relations with Russia, writes German tabloid Bild, citing data from the European intelligence services. Kissinger believes that the establishment of relations with Russia right step amid the rise of China, the article notes. As an experienced negotiator and one of the few Americans who met frequently with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he will become a mediator between Moscow and Washington. “According to a European intelligence analysis, which is based on the information from the team trump, the new President of the United States seeks to withdraw Russia sanctions “on the advice of Kissinger,” writes the newspaper. In addition, Kissinger allegedly advised “to give” Russia a sphere of influence in former Soviet republics. The Ukrainian question, according to Bild, are expected to be resolved in the following way: Moscow

In the tail part of Tu-154 should be a black box – Ministry of defence

In the tail part of Tu-154, rescuers discovered and raised from the Black sea, by construction, must be one of the three black boxes, crucial. This was reported in the defense Ministry. The Russian defense Ministry stressed that the other two flight recorders are located in the bow of the aircraft.   In addition, the defense Ministry said that at the moment of the water also raised the side of the fuselage is 3.5 to 4.5 meters.   The site of the crash sent the crane capacity of 100 tons. When he arrives, it will be possible to raise to the surface the rest was found the wreckage of the Tu-154.   Also, the defense Ministry denied reports of some media that the plane could crash from overload. In the Russian defense Ministry said that on Board the aircraft, mainly carrying only musical instruments and cameras, military cargo was not.

The death toll from the “Hawthorn” in Irkutsk rose to 77

In Irkutsk one more person became a victim of mass poisoning with methanol contained in the bath concentrate. On Monday, December 26, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health. “Thus from methanol in the “Hawthorn” died of 77 people, only injured 123, in the hospitals are treating 16 patients,” — said the Agency interlocutor. 26 December, by order of the Federal service, from the shelves of Russian stores have a month to remove all cosmetic tinctures, concentrates, and liquids with more than 25-percent ethanol content, with the exception of spirits, drugs and fluids, windshield washing fluid, writes Earlier on December 26, it was reported that within investigation of criminal case on the fact of mass poisoning in Irkutsk, arrested 23 people. Five of them were taken into custody: the alleged organizer of the production of the substitute and his assistants, who have seized during the search of 10

The budget of the Pskov region adopted with a deficit of 2,189 billion

Photo: RIA “Vistanew” The budget of the Pskov region in 2017 and the planned period of 2018-2019 adopted today, December 26, at the 5th session of the regional Parliament. As reported to IA REGNUM in the press service of the Pskov regional Assembly of deputies after the first reading in the main financial document of the region 18 amendments have been made. In addition, the results of the work of the Commission prepared more than 40 recommendations on budget execution. The total revenues of the regional budget for 2017 21 billion 787,2 million rubles, the planned expenditure of 23 billion 977,1 million. The budget deficit will amount to 2 billion 189,9 million. “These numbers are not final, in the next year, Pskov oblast will receive additional funds from the Federal budget.”, — noted in a press-service of administration of region. In the Pskov regional meeting of deputies has specified that

Media reported about the new tests of the Chinese fifth generation fighter

Fighter J-31 © AP Photo/Xinhua, Liu Dawei MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. An improved version of a promising fighter fifth-generation J-31 (“Jian-31”) of the Corporation “Shenyang” conducted a test flight on December 23. This was reported by the newspaper China Daily, citing sources close to the aviation industry of the PRC. Information about the power plant on the fighter is not given. The previous version of the plane J-31 was used in the Russian turbofan engines RD-93, however, the magazine Kanwa Defence Review reported that the new prototype will be equipped with Chinese propulsion, which in the future we plan to put on the conveyor. It was also alleged that the airframe of the fighter by 30% will consist of composite materials. Earlier it was reported that the maximum takeoff weight J-31 will be 25 tons when combat radius of 1.2 thousand km Fighter can reach a top speed of 1.8

Published footage of the work of divers at the crash site of Tu-154

TV channel “Zvezda” publishes footage of divers working at the scene of the crash of Tu-154 in the Black sea. The tragedy with the flight of the Russian defense Ministry has occurred, we will remind, on the morning of 25 December.   Airliner taking off after refueling from Sochi Hamim on airbase in Syria, fell into the water in a matter of minutes after takeoff. On Board were 92 people, all of them died.   Among the victims of the crash nine journalists, including three employees of the “Stars”, as well as representatives of NTV and the First channel, the philanthropist, Elizaveta Glinka, head of Department of culture of the Russian defense Ministry Anton Gubankov and dozens of performers of the Alexandrov ensemble.   The FSB, the main versions of the incident called a possible hit in the engine of foreign objects, bad fuel, pilot error or a technical malfunction.

In Turkey a week detained more than a thousand suspected supporters of Gulen

Over the past week, Turkish authorities detained 1096 people suspected of links with the organization of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen (FETÖ). Of them, 426 people were arrested, reports on Monday, December 26, reports the Hürriyet Daily News, citing the interior Ministry. In a statement, the Ministry also said that in operations against supporters of the banned Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party arrested 508 people, of which 78 of them taken into custody. On suspicion of having links with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) 78 detained, 12 of them arrested. It is also noted that the security forces of the country spent a week 220 anti-terrorist operations, during which was destroyed four militants. On July 15 this year in Turkey attempted coup, which killed more than 230 people, more than 2.1 thousand were injured. After the suppression of the attempted coup in the country