Lawyer sooshie on the investigation of the beating trying to open a BMW Muscovite

Metropolitan police conducts pre-investigation checks on the fact of beating Muscovite victim for trying to remove the cardboard that covers the room parked in the wrong place on the BMW. As reported on Monday, December 26, RIA Novosti, this was stated by the lawyer of the victim, Ilona Tsilurik.

According to her, four days since the incident, and called the police. In this regard, the lawyer admitted that in fact the case had not been investigated. However, Tsilurik stressed that the preliminary examination may continue up to a month, and so now could be solved a question on excitation of criminal case.

Also Ilona, Zyloric reported details of the incident. According to her, 22 Dec Arthur Boyko on the way home noticed on the carriageway of the street Malaya Bronnaya several cars parked in the wrong place. One of them, a BMW, was closed room. The man bent down to remove a piece of cardboard, but it did not, since he had received a blow on the head.

“It immediately began beating him, according to witnesses, about four people”, — said the lawyer .adding that Boiko got closed comminuted fracture of the nose and damage to the soft tissues of the face. After the beating, he tried to call the police, but the attackers took his phone.

“He went home from there and said (about the incident). Then it found phone, but no SIM card and broken. The attackers fled,” — said the lawyer.

Tsilurik also noted that at least one of the attackers entered a nearby restaurant and went from there. Inside and on the building mounted video cameras, so the identity of the attackers could be identified on video recordings. According to the lawyer, while the police do not able.

Earlier in the network have been discussed by beating briskly. Users, in particular, accused him of snitching.