MO published the first results decrypt the black box of the Tu-154

Due to primary data analysis of the flight data recorder of the Tu-154 crashed into the Black sea on December 25, managed to narrow the list of possible causes of the crash. This was reported in the defense Ministry.   In the Russian defense Ministry said that currently, Central research Institute of the air force is the deciphering of the magnetic carrier of the black box of the aircraft.   The defense Ministry stressed that the final conclusions about the reasons for the collapse of the liner will make the state Commission after possible factors will be studied.   On Tuesday in Moscow was taken by one of the black boxes of aircraft that crashed near Sochi. A total of 27 December was discovered 20 wreckage of the aircraft, including chassis parts of the two engines and wings.   In the crash of Tu-154 near Sochi on the morning of

Russian foreign Ministry: the United States had to acknowledge the failure of attempts to isolate Russia in the international arena

© Natalia Garnelis/TASS MOSCOW, December 27. /TASS/. The United States had to acknowledge the failure of attempts to isolate Russia in the international arena. This is stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry about the major foreign policy events for the year 2016. “The dialogue with the US was complicated by the ongoing White house’s aggressive policy “system of containment” of Russia, which was growing sanctions pressure, was the deployment of U.S. global missile defense system, continued provocative military activity on the Western borders of Russia in the black sea basin, – stated in the Ministry. – To raise the degree of Russophobia was aimed orchestrated information campaign on false charges of Russia meddling in the presidential election in the United States.”

A Saudi was sentenced to prison for incitement to abolish the male guardianship over women

The court in the city of Dammam, located in Eastern Saudi Arabia has sentenced a citizen of the Kingdom to a year in prison and a fine of 30 million Saudi riyals (about eight thousand dollars) for the call to cancel the guardianship of men over women. On Tuesday, December 27, reports The National. The man was detained in the El-Ihsan during the distribution of leaflets with this appeal in the mosques. It is noted that he also led an active campaign in social networks. Its position the detainee explained by the desire to help women, including their relatives, complained of unequal status in Saudi society. In September, thousands of citizens of the Kingdom have signed a petition demanding the repeal of the guardianship of men over women in Saudi Arabia. In accordance with the laws of the Kingdom, women must obtain consent from male relatives to travel abroad, to

Published the last words of the pilots of the Tu-154

Experts have deciphered the record of the cockpit voice recorder crashed over the Black sea Tu-154. This is with reference to a source close to the investigation, on Tuesday, December 27, according to Life. Materials on теме14:47 25 Dec 2016“We are never sure that it will come back alive”In the crash of Tu-154 near Sochi, killing Elizabeth Glinka — Dr. Lisa The conversation in the cockpit is interrupted by the exclamation: “Flaps, bitch!” After that are the words: “Commander, fall!” According to a source, the film voice of the black box was not injured in the crash. Work with the second, parametric, recorder not yet started. A source in the operational headquarters on the site of the disaster confirmed the Agency “Interfax” that version. “According to preliminary data, on Board rassoglasovaniya worked the flaps, as a result of their absence from the lifting force is lost, speed was not sufficient

Turchynov announced a major offensive in the Donbass APU in 2017

Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that in 2017 the Armed forces of Ukraine will begin the “liberation” of Donbass. This statement he made, speaking to soldiers of the National guard in the Kiev region.   “This is the first year that Ukraine has not lost a single meter of its territory. All attempts to move forward, to break through our defense in 2016 was doomed,” – said Turchinov, whose statement published by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.   Also the NSDC Secretary said that “the enemy” allegedly suffered “serious losses”, and the APU has improved its position.   “Meter by meter we begin to liberate the occupied territories. I am convinced that 2017 will be a turning point in this issue”, – said Turchinov.   It is worth noting that the latest APU made an attack on the position of the LC

Due to teenagers in the tunnel of the Moscow metro limited traffic on gray branch

Law enforcement agencies check information about the children, penetrated into the tunnel of the Moscow metro on the stretch between the stations “Petrovsko-Razumovskaya” and “Tula”. About it reports on Tuesday, December 27, the correspondent of”.ru” from the event. According to him, at about 16:35 GMT police were called to the platform of the station “Tula” on the loudspeaker. The guards passed the information that the tunnel are minor. Trains at gray branch go with the increased intervals. In November in the Moscow city Duma has prepared a bill providing for administrative responsibility of parents, whose children enjoy riding on the subway and on the rail on the outside. The punishment under this article is proposed to establish a fine in the amount of 5 thousand rubles.

Published the first images of the work with black boxes Tu-154

Published the first images of the work of experts black boxes of the crashed Tu-154. At this moment in Moscow, experts are working with the first black box of the aircraft. Previously he was brought to the research Institute of the air force in Lyubertsy.   The main flight data recorder is in good condition. It is reported by the Ministry of defence. After carrying out technical cleaning in distilled water will start the decryption black box. It fixes all the technical parameters of the liner during the flight.   In the laboratory of the scientific Institute of air force experts will examine the flight data recorder. The operation will take place under sterile conditions. It will take about a day. Inside the unit gets sea water, and not to damage the magnetic tape, such a technical procedure is simply necessary.   Decryption can take from several days to a

Moscow felt hostile step of supplying the Syrian opposition American MANPADS

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia considers hostile step a decision on the supply of MANPADS to Syrian opposition fighters. This is stated in the commentary official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted on the Ministry’s website. “Instead of joint efforts to give it back the rampant extremists of all stripes, Washington relies on the provision of military assistance to anti-government groups, which differ little from the bloody thugs, — stated in the text. Now the possibility of supply of weapons, including portable anti-aircraft missile systems established in the new law.” Says Zakharova, “in the Obama administration are unable to understand the transferred weapons will quickly be in the hands of the jihadists with whom the alleged “moderate” opposition has long are at the same time. Maybe even hope that it happens, because actually patronizing the terrorist group “Jabhat an-Nusra”, which is a division of “al-Qaeda”.