Published the first images of the work with black boxes Tu-154

Published the first images of the work of experts black boxes of the crashed Tu-154. At this moment in Moscow, experts are working with the first black box of the aircraft. Previously he was brought to the research Institute of the air force in Lyubertsy.


The main flight data recorder is in good condition. It is reported by the Ministry of defence. After carrying out technical cleaning in distilled water will start the decryption black box. It fixes all the technical parameters of the liner during the flight.


In the laboratory of the scientific Institute of air force experts will examine the flight data recorder. The operation will take place under sterile conditions. It will take about a day. Inside the unit gets sea water, and not to damage the magnetic tape, such a technical procedure is simply necessary.


Decryption can take from several days to a week, but it is possible that it will allow experts to determine the exact cause of the accident. Now the investigation does not have priority version, as workers are considering engine failure, technical failure and crew error.


On the site of the crash in these moments continues the search operation. About an hour ago, were discovered several fragments of the aircraft, including landing gear and one of three engines. Soon they will rise to the surface and ashore.